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Building a carbon-free society Renault accelerates European shared electric mobility layout

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

China Car News, December 2 According to China Car News, Renault will put 3000 Dacia Spring electric vehicles and 1000 Renault ZOE electric vehicles into the car rental market.

After joining forces with Renault ZOE to promote a more environmentally friendly travel mode for the first time ten years ago, Renault Group and Leclerc Group of France have once again accelerated the promotion of shared travel by electric vehicles. From March 1, 2021, the 504 car rental companies under the Leclerc Group will exclusively provide the lowest-priced pure electric car Dacia Spring in the European market, allowing French drivers to rent and experience electric travel at the most affordable price Advantage.

(Dacia Spring Electric Vehicle)

For Leclerc, this move is part of its comprehensive electrification plan. The Leclerc Group has been planning to cooperate with Renault since 2010 to promote the development of electric mobility. The Leclerc Group has been equipped with charging stations in the parking lots of its supermarkets and hypermarkets since 2011. The following year, it began to purchase Renault ZOE electric vehicles for its employees to use. In 2013, it established 'Ambassadors' clubs throughout France. , In order to promote new energy travel. This plan revolves around increasing the penetration rate of electric mobility and providing relevant education. In addition, the Leclerc Group also supported the French Ministry of Transport’s plan to establish 100,000 charging stations, and announced on October 12 last year that it would expand the existing charging stations to 5,000 in the next two years, reaching 10,000 in 2025. seat.

The new cooperation between Renault Group and Leclerc Group will provide more people across France with an electric travel experience at the most affordable price on the market. At present, the Leclerc Group has ordered 4,000 electric vehicles (3,000 Dacia Spring and 1,000 Renault ZOE), and encourages thousands of drivers to try and adopt this green transportation method.

Renault Group has become a leader in the field of electric vehicles in Europe with its more than 10 years of experience in electric mobility and nearly 350,000 electric vehicles. Dacia, a brand of Renault Group, has integrated electric mobility into its long-term brand concept, creating Dacia Spring Electric, an electric model that provides basic needs.

(Dacia Spring Electric Vehicle)

Dacia Spring Electric will set off a revolution. As the most accessible small electric car on the European market, it will make electric travel within reach. It is a versatile and practical electric car with a disruptive appearance, a record-breaking interior space, a reliable electric engine and a reassuring cruising range.

This lightweight compact car has a cruising range of 225 kilometers (WLTP mixed conditions) or 295 kilometers (WLTP urban conditions), which is extremely suitable for urban or suburban areas.

Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo (Luca de Meo) also said: “Both Leclerc Group and Dacia provide affordable, trustworthy and accessible high-end products in their respective fields. Quality products. By providing Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric car on the European market, the Leclerc Group is committed to opening the door to electric mobility for everyone in as many regions as possible in France. This is an exciting one. And a meaningful partnership, it will help to realize our other common commitment: to build a carbon-free society. The future of travel will be built in the ecosystem that everyone builds together, and it will begin with such a partnership.'< /p>

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