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Demonstration zone and pilot zone promote the implementation of V2X technology

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

In order to accelerate the implementation of the V2X industry, the three ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Transport have started from 2015 to jointly build demonstration zones and pilot zones with local governments to expand the scale from point to point and continue to accelerate the layout of V2X facilities. It can be said that the demonstration zone/pilot zone is the primary method for the deployment of V2X facilities in my country.

According to the statistics of China Automotive Industry Information Network, there are currently more than 60 intelligent network connection demonstration areas/pilot areas/test sites in various provinces and cities in China, covering all first-tier cities and some second-tier cities, covering urban roads and highways. Roads, tunnels, closed parks and other scenarios provide a wealth of test scenarios for related tests.

As shown in the figure below, after 2018, the number of intelligent networked vehicle demonstration areas has increased significantly. Among the many demonstration zones, national-level demonstration zones are still the focus of development, with a total of 10, all of which are led by national ministries and commissions.

However, it can be seen from the figure that after 2019, the number of national demonstration zones has remained stable and has not increased.

State-level intelligent networked vehicle demonstration zone situation

However, after 2019, in order to support the implementation of V2X technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology began to support the construction of a pilot area for the Internet of Vehicles. Compared with the intelligent networked vehicle demonstration area carrying comprehensive test functions, the IoV pilot area is more inclined to deploy V2X facilities. At the same time, compared with the demonstration area, the deployment scale is larger. It can be said that it is a large-scale layout of IoV facilities. Its main tasks and goals are simple. It is the large-scale deployment of C-V2X networks on key highways and urban roads, combined with 5G and smart city construction, to complete the transformation of the Internet of Vehicles functions of key regional transportation facilities and the improvement of core system capabilities, thereby driving the large-scale deployment of the entire road network.

In addition to the three car networking pilot areas that have been unveiled, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology continues to support the construction of new pilot areas, and some local governments have also issued relevant policies.

In January, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded (Kehan u200bu200b[2020] No. 369 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) to the Chongqing Municipal People's Government to support Chongqing (Liangjiang New District) to create a national-level car networking pilot zone.

On March 8th, Guangzhou City, based on broadband mobile Internet intelligent networked cars and smart transportation application demonstration zone (vehicle networking pilot area) construction work leading group meeting reviewed and unified, 'Guangzhou City Internet of Vehicles pilot area construction overall 'Technical Specifications' and 'Technical Specifications for V2X Cloud Control Basic Platforms in the Pilot Area of u200bu200bGuangzhou Internet of Vehicles' were officially released and implemented, which means that Guangzhou has accelerated the construction of the pilot area.

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