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Ferrari has released 2 limited edition customized V12 flagship supercars in a row, with a limit of 999 and 599 units respectivelyu0026#xFF01

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05


The day before yesterday, Ferrari unveiled the veil of the customized V12 supercar 812 Competizione. There is a convertible version-812 Competizione A, the hardtop 812 Competizione is limited to 999 units, and the convertible 812 Competizione A is limited to 599 units.

Familiar with Ferrari products Fans know that in 2017 Ferrari launched the 812 Superfast to replace the previous F12 Berlinneta model. This time the 812 Competizione belongs to the high-end 812 model with limited customization.

The first improvement is the engine performance. The 6.5L V12 engine is better than Superfast Increased the power of 29hp, the red zone limit increased to 9500rpm. The 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is equipped with the latest version of the gearbox program, which takes 5% less time for shifting than Superfast. The 812 Competizione takes only 2.85 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to a maximum speed of 340km/h (electronic speed limit).

Ferrari’s response to this V12 engine A lot of improvement work has been done. For example, the new titanium alloy connecting rod is 40% lighter than the Superfast model, and the camshaft pin and piston pin are coated with carbon coating. The molecular structure of this material is similar to diamond, which can reduce friction and improve the engine Durability. The crankshaft has become lighter and smoother, the air intake has a new variable geometry design, and a new exhaust system. Although it must be equipped with a mandatory European gasoline particulate filter, Ferrari still guarantees the authenticity of the 812 Competizione Prancing horse screams and waves.

Brand new aerodynamic kit for the car With a 25% increase in downforce, the 812 Competizione has almost perfect aerodynamic performance. The front spoiler will be passively adjusted when the vehicle speed exceeds 250km/h to reduce wind resistance, allowing the 812 Competizione to easily obtain a top speed of 340km/h.

812 Competizione does not increase the water tank The size and weight of the engine have improved the cooling performance of the engine, and the engine air intakes are located on both sides of the front of the car. The most noticeable improvement is the new rear windshield area. The 812 Competizione provides more space for some new aerodynamic solutions, including 3 pairs of protruding parts for the vortex generator, which deform and redistribute the air flow To the pressure part at the rear of the car, part of the airflow is deflected to the side of the rear spoiler, which increases the downforce and improves the efficiency of the diffuser. This design contributes at least 10% to the increase of the total downforce at the rear.

Electronic system, 812 Competizione With the latest version 7.0 of the sideslip control system, with rear wheel assisted steering and standard Michelin Cup 2R running tires, the tracking ability is also greatly enhanced. The curb weight of the 812 Competizione is 1487kg, which is 38kg less weight than the 812 Superfast.

812 Competizione and convertible 812 Competizione A is committed to serving the most distinguished Ferrari collectors and diehard car owners, especially the latter. The limit of 599 is earned by whoever buys it. If it is thrown there for ten or eight years, it will be directly sold several times. Fall, the incense is dead.

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