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Following the pace of Audi, the Volkswagen brand also stopped developing new internal combustion engines

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

For a long time, these two brands will also transfer their own research and development results to sister companies such as SEAT and Skoda. With the technology leaders taking the lead in withdrawing from new Ru0026D projects, the time for the entire group to transform may be earlier.

Last week, Audi brand CEO Markus Duesmann stated in an interview that in order to comply with the EU’s stricter emission standards, the brand has suspended the development of a new generation of fuel engines. But they will improve the existing internal combustion engine to adapt to the new emission guidelines.

Dusman did not disclose when Audi will launch the last internal combustion engine model, nor did he give a corresponding end timeline. Instead, the CEO mentioned many regions in the world with underdeveloped energy supply and charging infrastructure. For this reason, Audi will continue to sell internal combustion engines for many years to come, but will not develop a new generation of Gasoline or diesel engine.

Currently, Audi is the pioneer of Volkswagen Group's research and development, and the parent company has given it a key role as a leader in the transformation of the new four modernizations. Just after the head of Audi officially announced that it would no longer develop new engines, the Volkswagen brand also said recently that they no longer plan to develop new internal combustion engines.

Ralf Brandstaetter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, told European media that the company currently has no plans to develop a new internal combustion engine, and he personally does not think there will be a brand new one in the future. The engine series is launched again, and the entire brand is shifting its research and development focus to electric models. 'Before Volkswagen turns to an electric car manufacturer, it is enough for us to upgrade and further develop the engines of existing models.'

Brandstedt’s point of view is basically the same as that of the head of Audi, 'For those existing fuel engines, we hope to continue to use them for a period of time. During this transitional period, the company needs to do It is to make them more efficient in improvement to meet more stringent emission regulations.'

He added that Volkswagen still needs to sell contagious fuel vehicles to achieve profitability and fund the entire transformation, but it is impossible to develop a new engine.

It is reported that the entire Volkswagen Group is pursuing the trend of the new four modernizations. Not only Audi and Volkswagen have officially announced the suspension of the development of new fuel engines, but this idea is also in the same German camp. Daimler unanimously. The latter’s chief development officer also said in an interview in early March this year that Daimler will no longer develop a new generation of engines. In his view, the speed of the transition will depend critically on the upcoming Euro 7 emission standards. How strict.

'Our use of diesel engines depends on the final implementation of EU regulations. In view of the current increasingly stringent emission mechanisms, the prospects for internal combustion engines may change dramatically again. It is almost impossible for new internal combustion engine models to be replaced after 2025. Car manufacturer registration.'

But it’s worth mentioning that none of these German executives has clearly stated when they will only drive electric cars. According to their previous goals, the Volkswagen Group will launch the last internal combustion engine platform in 2026. It runs until 2040. However, according to the current macro background, this established time node is very likely to change.

After all, Audi and Volkswagen are the key engine suppliers of the group. These two brands have always transferred their research and development results to sister companies such as SEAT and Skoda. With technology leaders taking the lead in exiting new Ru0026D projects, the entire group may be transformed earlier.

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