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Ford China establishes commercial vehicle division Xiong Chunying becomes Jiangling's new president

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

China Automotive News, April 28th. The sound development of Jiangling Motors has given Ford Motor to increase the confidence in the development of commercial vehicles in China. In order to better seize the development opportunities of China's commercial vehicle market, use the advantages of commercial vehicle resources to become stronger and stronger. Ford Motor Company today officially announced the establishment of Ford China Commercial Vehicle Division, and appointed Wang Wentao, the former President and Executive Committee Chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., as the first general manager of the Commercial Vehicle Division. China Automotive News learned that Wang Wentao will still report to Ford China Chairman Chen Anning in the future, and will actively strengthen communication and coordination with Ford's global headquarters.

At the same time, Xiong Chunying, the current executive vice president of Jiangling Motors, was hired by Ford China to replace Wang Wentao on behalf of Ford, as the president and chairman of the executive committee of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. This personnel change is effective from May 1, 2021. Effective. Xiong Chunying has served in Jiangling Motors for many years and has served as Vice President of Product Ru0026D, Executive Vice President, First Executive Vice President and other senior leadership positions at Jiangling Motors. The re-employment by Ford as the president of Jiangling Motors, on the one hand, reflects the close relationship between Ford and Jiangling, and also proves Ford's high recognition and support for Jiangling. It is understood that after being promoted to president, Xiong Chunying will report to his predecessor, Wang Wentao, general manager of Ford's China Commercial Vehicle Division.

In an interview with China Automotive News, a senior executive of Jiangling Motors stated that after the establishment of Ford's China Commercial Vehicle Division, it will be responsible for Ford's commercial vehicle development planning and decision-making in China, and further leverage Ford's advantages in the field of commercial vehicles. Assist and strengthen the development of Jiangling Motors in the field of commercial vehicles, and realize the brand's greater breakthrough in the domestic commercial vehicle market. This will mean that Jiangling Motors will have more room for thinking in the future.

'I did not leave Jiangling MotorsHe said that he will lead a professional and dedicated team to promote the reform of Ford China's commercial vehicle operating model from a strategic level, aiming to bring more excellent and differentiated commercial vehicle products, boutiques, and sales and service experience to Chinese customers, and better Serve Chinese customers. 'My new appointment is closely related to promoting Jiangling Motors to'become a leader in the light commercial vehicle industry and a provider of Ford's cost-effective products.'

'I believe that Xiong Chunying as the president, and the cooperation with Wang Wentao and the first executive vice president Jin Wenhui are the best choice and the best combination of Jiangling Motors at this time. The three of them have profound expertise in related fields. Accumulation, I believe that they will promote Jiangling Motors to move quickly towards high-quality development goals,' said Qiu Tiangao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiangling Motors Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.

In addition to business structure and high-level personnel adjustments, JMC’s 'changes' are also actively seeking changes in the future-oriented development thinking. On April 28, Jiangling Motors Shenzhen Star Fulcrum Technology Branch was opened in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park. Star Fulcrum will quickly promote the implementation of JMC’s intelligent networking strategy, gather intelligent networking technical talents, and highly focus on software development such as intelligent driving, smart cockpits, and intelligent networking, build an intelligent networking system, create an interconnected ecosystem, and improve rapid response to customer needs The ability to continuously create new value for customers and become the 'new fulcrum' of Jiangling Motors' development of the new four modernizations.

Jiangling Motors will invest billions of yuan in the next five years for intelligent network connection and digital development, and is committed to realizing software-defined cars, building an intelligent networked ecosystem, and realizing the perfect interconnection of people, cars, and lives.

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