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Ford will fix car quality problems to ease financial performance

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

Recently, we learned from foreign media that Ford Motor Co., Ltd. lags behind its competitors in financial performance and will take measures to control bicycle maintenance costs to achieve a financial turnaround. It is reported that Ford will reorganize the automobile quality control team to reduce the increase in maintenance costs caused by the recall of cars due to supplier parts quality problems.

According to relevant data, nearly one-third of Ford’s repair costs are spent on repairs related to vehicle recalls due to defective parts from parts suppliers, and the rest is for design and repairs. Manufacturing issues. For Ford's investors, the company should have controlled its spending on car defects long ago, because for the first nine months of 2020 alone, Ford's repair costs due to the recall were more than $2 billion higher than its competitors.

In 2012 and 2013, the cost of Ford's active maintenance of vehicles accounted for less than 2% of each quarter's sales; but at the end of 2019, due to the overall decline in industry sales due to the new crown epidemic, its active maintenance costs Accounted for more than 3%; in the second quarter of 2020, it reached 4.3%. The responsible person in charge of car quality in Ford North America said, “Due to the vehicle recall, Ford’s overall quality reputation has been affected. This may be one of the reasons why Ford is no longer so competitive.” So Ford is urgent. To improve the quality control of component suppliers, one is to reduce unnecessary maintenance expenses, and the other is to restore reputation.

Editor's comment:

Minimize the cost of active maintenance of the company due to supplier errors, which will help greatly boost the profits and user reputation of car companies. The purpose of this move by Ford is to ensure that the parts provided by the supplier at least guarantee the quality level of the parts within the corresponding warranty period. If this is not possible, Ford must impose corresponding 'penalties' on the parts suppliers in question. '. For example, first charge a half of the 'warranty fee' from the supplier to reduce its own maintenance expenses. If the supplier provides no problems with the parts, or can quickly solve the problem, this part of the 'deposit' may be returned to the supplier.

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