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High-energy early warning R car intelligent new species will be airborne at Shanghai Auto Show

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Automotive News, April 12th. The 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show will kick off on April 19th. SAIC Motor R will bring its entire product lineup to the Shanghai Auto Show. In addition to the two star models of the world’s first 5G smart car MARVLE R and battery life “Core” Overlord ER6, which were launched in February this year, the ES33, which was unveiled at the “R Brand Co-Creator Ecological Conference”, will also meet the public for the first time , Will bring the audience a visual feast of 'science and technology fulfilling imagination'.

As a new intelligent species equipped with R-TECH's high-energy intelligent body, ES33 is the technology base of the 'Galaxy Full Stack Solution' of Shanghai Automobile Zero Beam, equipped with the high-end intelligent driving solution PP-CEM developed by R Auto Full Stack. ™, with the industry-leading 'six-fold integrated perception system

It is worth mentioning that R car will also use the industry’s first smart black technology in the innovative form of 'imagination box' to create a brand conference with great sci-fi charm to bring audience An unparalleled sensory experience. At the same time, the best friend of the R car brand will also be officially announced at the Shanghai Auto Show, so stay tuned!

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