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Hongguang MINI EV Fan Cultivation Ceremony Held in March, Start Modification Fever

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

China Automotive News, February 26th. At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, Hongguang MINIEV's online trend creation competition has ushered in a perfect ending moment. According to official sources, Wuling will launch the 'Little Paradise for Adults-Dress Up and Outstanding' offline fan festival in Shanghai in March.

Since the launching of the 'Pretend · Outstanding' activity at the end of December 2020, a group of young people who love to modify have gathered here to exchange and share all kinds of trendy creations of Hongguang MINIEV, this phenomenon-level national community In the Year of the Ox, it has led the most pioneering auto-creation cultural trend for the public.

After the Hongguang MINIEV “Pretend to be Out” campaign started at the end of December 2020, it quickly ignited the passion of many car owners. The leader of the Three Great Wars team took the lead, and the trendy pioneers made a domineering appearance. A large number of trendy fashionistas who like to play and dare to create enthusiastically signed up for the competition. Or boldly change the color of Hongguang MINIEV, post personalized car stickers, or install a roof trunk, replace the steering wheel of the retro style, and so on. In the entire Chao Chuang event, each Hongguang MINIEV has its own cool personality.

(Angel Wings Edition Hongguang MINIEV)

After nearly one and a half months, social platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin and Hongguang’s MINIEV Tide Loading ONLINE official block collected more than 1,000 works from all over the country, and the exposure of each platform has accumulated. Break 300 million. After fierce competition, the 'Popularity Award' and the 'Best Trendy Innovation Award' of the three major teams were officially born.

(Track version of Hongguang MINIEV)

Among them, the 'Super Sailor Moon' created by the owner 'Liu Tao' won the 'Audience Award'. The 'Best Trendy Innovation Award' of the PLA Team, HIT Team and FUM Team were respectively won by the three owners of 'Tao XinTao Xin's Hongguang MINIEV is domineering with a 'laser gray'; Huang Huaguang draws inspiration from the initial D protagonist Fujiwara Takumi's 'AE86' to pay tribute to the 'Autumn Mountain God Car'; Zhou Jinghui's car mixes classic green and white It has a retro and playful effect, and it is trendy and rusty, and it can be sweet or salty.

(Hongguang MINIEV modified by owner Zhou Jinghui)

(Lion Dance Edition Hongguang MINIEV)

Hongguang MINIEV has unique modification potential with its Founder's compact body. Since its launch, Hongguang MINIEV owners have joined the tide of innovation. Currently, as many as 70% of users will make innovations for their cars. The 'same frequency resonance' between Hongguang MINIEV and its users at the level of trend creation is 'all to see' on major social platforms. Social platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo are filled with a large number of modified posts about Hongguang MINIEV, especially in Xiaohongshu. The Red Book APP, #五岭宏光MINIEV改# has received tens of millions of page views, and the screen is full of modified works by car owners and players, or 'kawaii' cute, or fresh and romantic STYLE, full of tricks. It can be said that Hongguang MINIEV is not only a car, but also a fashion trend item with social attributes.

(The modified post about Hongguang MINIEV in the Xiaohongshu APP)

Hongguang MINIEV created a new world of fashion culture for the majority of users at the beginning of the Year of the Ox with the activity of 'Installing and OutstandingThis grand ceremony of national tide creation is not only the opening up of the culture of new energy vehicles, but also the testimony of Hongguang MINIEV leading the era of China's new energy vehicles from a social and cultural perspective.

What we are looking forward to is that Wuling will launch a more popular 'Little Paradise for Adults-Pretending and Outstanding' fan wave creation ceremony in Shanghai in March this year. The God car tide changed the assembly number, and car owners and users gathered in all directions. At that time, hundreds of users of Hongguang MINIEV will be gathered at the scene to show more people the unique charm of the 'little car

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