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Hongguang MINIEV, who has gradually entered the fashion circle, has set a new sales record

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

China Automotive News Network, March 5, March 4, at the Hongguang MINIEV Owners Ceremony, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially announced that Hongguang MINIEV, which had just won the global single new energy model sales in January, set a new record. : 200 days after the listing, sales exceeded the 200,000 mark, becoming the global record maker of small new energy vehicle sales.

Looking at the new energy market in 2020, it is a crucial year. In the second half of 2020, the monthly sales of new energy vehicles have risen all the way from the previous month and hit a record high. In the end, sales of new energy vehicles in my country last year rose 122.4% month-on-month.

Among them, the domestic-made Tesla Model 3 of the B-class car and the Wuling Hongguang mini EV of the A00-class car have played a decisive role in the sales of the C-end market. Wuling Hongguang is also the only Chinese new energy brand on the sales list that has broken through the Tesla blockade.

So what enlightenment can the success of Hongguang MINI EV give to the Chinese auto industry?

Hongguang MINIEV entering the fashion circle

In this Hongguang MINIEV owner's ceremony, in addition to the battle with modified car culture, Wuling also announced that WULING×PANTONE UNIVERSE jointly released Wuling Spring White Peach Powder, Avocado Green and Lemon Yellow.

It is worth noting that this marketing method of releasing seasonal colors is actually common in fashion circles. For example, Pantone often collaborates with Sephora, a major cosmetics company in the industry, and it is the first time that it has joined forces with the automotive industry.

Wuling's action this time is to subvert the entire industry's thinking about new energy vehicles. It gradually marketed EV scooter from a transportation tool into a daily fashion item. Originally, people agreed that the car is a relatively heavy consumer product, so it is difficult to have the attributes of fashion or fast-moving consumer goods.

However, Hongguang MINIEV has been pushed into the fashion circle step by step under the product positioning of low unit price and high design. The success of this marketing strategy and product positioning can be fully confirmed from a single piece of data.

According to Wuling's official data, Hongguang MINIEV's post-90s users accounted for 72%, and the trend of younger generation is very obvious; female car owners account for more than 60%, and they are favored by a group of cute 'Wuling girls'; The highest city is Shanghai, with sales of more than 4,200 units.

In other words, Hongguang MINIEV has not only got rid of the 'cheap scooterHongguang MINIEV is not only a scooter, but also a fashion item with young social attributes.

In-depth user marketing with modification and social attributes

In fact, it is not only the successful positioning of its fashion items, Hongguang MINIEV also has a brand-new user marketing idea. Hongguang MINIEV has emphatically strengthened the 'chao creative cultureIn terms of design, Hongguang MINIEV has left 80% of the space for users to freely develop their creations.

According to official data, Hongguang MINIEV’s trend creation rate has reached 72%, making it the new energy vehicle with the highest trend creation rate in China. The trend creation rate of both the exterior and the interior has exceeded 50%.

And these car owners who are willing to design and modify Hongguang MINIEV have formed a very sticky user group in the official maintenance and spontaneous two-way. This group is constantly attracting more and more users with its super stickiness. Many young people joined in.

In fact, this is also the culture of Chaochuang. In fact, it is more light modification and more social. This is the core and essence of fan marketing. Buying this car is not the end, but a new life for the owner. On the one hand, it is possible to express independent personality propositions through Chaochuang. On the other hand, Hongguang MINIEV, as a business card with social attributes, brings together consumers who like Chaochuang culture.

Through this interaction, we can see that Wuling, as a brand that 'makes whatever people needHongguang MINIEV successfully entered a blue ocean market and created the demand of Chinese consumers. This is the real reason why this car can compete with Tesla.

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