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How powerful is it to install a Mazda rotor engine on a Corolla?

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

The Corolla has been widely welcomed around the world since its first launch in 1966, and it became the world's highest-selling model in 1997. As of 2007, Toyota has sold 35 million Corolla units, overwhelming the Volkswagen Beetle. In the past 40 years, an average of one Corolla was sold every 40 seconds, which is really amazing.

The so-called KE70 is actually one of the fourth-generation Toyota Corolla E70 models. The KE70 has a sedan version and a Wagon version. . The E70 began mass production in 1979, and the one million Corolla rolled off the assembly line in February 1983. The E70 witnessed Corolla’s first million production. Of course, the total sales of Corolla now exceed 40 million.

The E70 is the last generation of the Corolla with a full range of rear drives. After that, the E80 began to use the front drive, and only AE85 and AE86 remained. Rear wheel drive.

The E70 is the first Corolla to use power steering, and it is also the last Corolla to use a push rod, cast iron cylinder head engine After that, the E80 used overhead camshaft and aluminum alloy cylinder head engines. For example, 2A, 2E, 3A, 4A, etc. are all popular engines. Of course, the engine on the E80 model is a big improvement over the E70. Starting from the E70 generation, some Corolla models can be equipped with a new 1.8-liter engine codenamed 3T.

Picture: I happily burned the tires...

Picture: The unconventional 4AGE in the cabin, or the huge 1UZ-FE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE.

Picture: but a very small size , Mazda fans’ favorite 13B rotor engine.

Picture: This KE70 will participate in some straight-line races in addition to daily walks. The Holset HX55 turbine currently used, under a pressure of 1.7 Bar, allows this KE70 to obtain 690 horsepower and 757 Nm of torque output. It only takes 9,97 seconds in the 04 acceleration event.

Picture: Because of the rotor engine in the cabin, this KE70 is called 'Rotarolla' (rotary and corolla) by the owner.

Picture: Air conditioning control in ancient times, but this is just a decoration, the air conditioning system has long since disappeared.

Picture: For a high-horsepower modified car, the air-fuel ratio is an important indicator of the stability of the machine, and the air-fuel ratio is appropriate, and the machine is also very good if you want to hang it. difficult.

Picture: behind the competitive steering wheel is a huge racing car LCD instrument, so the parameters can be monitored again.

Picture: In order to ensure the safety of the occupants, installed Complete roll cage. The back seat is still there and it has become useless. Is it for good-looking?

Picture: Since this car will go on the road every day, the owner will change to a set of wheels for the street.

Picture: And in the straight race, just It will be replaced with a set of HOOSIER tires dedicated to all-hot-melt straight lines.

Picture: With a small diameter rim, the plump and soft shoulders of the straight rim are exposed.

Look at the battlefield... Well, I wonder who is faster than our domestic S3? Remember to clean up after burning the tire!

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