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Jiangling Ford Passenger Car Family Debuts at Shanghai Auto Show

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

China Automotive News Network, April 20th. Recently, Jiangling Ford passenger car family-large space smart SUV Ford Territory S, hard-core off-road king Ford Roadshaker, high-end business and leisure MPV Ford Tureo Europe and medium and large homes Comfortable SUV and Ford Lingyu will jointly debut at the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show.

JMC Ford's passenger car family has gradually established a complete product architecture from a family of two to a family of multiple, from hard-core off-road to business travel, and each of them faces more precise consumer groups, showing that Jiangling Ford is in The brand-new and powerful product strategy system in the passenger car market interprets the 'pioneer and innovative' spirit of the Ford brand. The debut of the passenger car family for the first time demonstrated the accelerated upgrade and transformation of Jiangling Ford, strengthened confidence in entering the passenger car market, and actively fulfilled the brand promise of “more Ford and more China”.

Lifetime Warranty for Engine u0026 Transmission, Leapfrog MAX, Ford Lingyu Officially Launched and Delivered

As a new member of Ford's SUV family in China, Ford Lingyu is equipped with a powerful 2.0TEcoBoost® inline four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injection engine, which takes into account power and economy, and provides three generations of family travel A high-quality travel option. Since its official debut on March 28, it has attracted great attention from all walks of life, aroused heated discussions in the market and received many praises. Ford Lingyu will gradually deliver new cars to car owners from the end of April.

In order to respond to the urban SUV market and the more segmented car needs of multi-population families, Ford Lingyu has launched a precise layout of 5-seater and 7-seater models. Enjoy the large space with a 5-seat layout, the leapfrog MAX space is exclusively for 5 people to share, full of the happiness of the whole family; the smart 7-seat layout, enjoy without being absent, and further meet the family's multi-occupant, multi-purpose, high-quality travel needs.

Smart 7-seater layout

Ford Lingyu makes full use of the Ford brand's strong brand and technological advantages in the global SUV market, combined with the diversified needs of the Chinese consumer market, and redefines the product benchmark for medium and large household SUVs to provide Chinese consumers with Upgraded family travel experience.

Hospitable guests, feel the Family Space·Ford Experience Store

Ford will work with dealers to meet the diversified needs of Chinese consumers, combine the brand spirit of 'pioneer innovation' and the service concept full of affection, and establish a full-time online with consumers through online and offline experience innovation To create an innovative customer experience with more Ford brand characteristics, and continue to optimize and improve, to provide consumers with more experience value. The JMC Ford customer experience upgrade is the first step in the Ford series of customer experience upgrade initiatives. Through the JMC Ford booth, the real scene of the 'Family Space · Ford Experience Store' upgraded according to the brand new standard of Ford’s global showroom is reproduced perfectly. Consumers really feel the renewed service experience of 'sincere peace of mind, sincere hospitality, and love and care'.

In order to fully extend the home scene, the Jiangling Ford booth located in Hall 8.2 of this auto show has superimposed a variety of high-quality experience modules through cross-border cooperation, empowering the renewal experience to be more concrete. At the Shanghai Auto Show, the JMC Ford booth provided a number of immersive interactive experience projects, and in conjunction with Lego® cross-border, it provided a Lego® model assembly game interactive area for the audience, and launched the Lego® master Ford booth of this auto show Customize online celebrity check-in locations and create a LEGO® theme parent-child park.

Through the insight of brand fit, Jiangling Ford will cooperate in-depth with Lego® in the future, and introduce Lego® courses into Family Space·Ford Experience Store to create a family-like interaction that advocates parent-child care and lifestyle Experience space. In the future, JMC Ford will also launch more abundant service components based on the continuous iterative characteristics of the new customer experience process. In addition, the first live test drive live broadcast of the second auto show, linked with the booth to create a unique 'beloved experience.'

JMC Ford continues to vigorously output a variety of high-value models, maintains a high-end position in multiple market segments, and redefines the circulation of passenger vehicles with the industry’s first Family Space·Ford Experience Store The consumer service scene in the field interprets the Ford brand's brand concept of forge ahead and pioneer innovation.

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