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Li Feng joins Chinese Express as co-president

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

Automotive Information Network, May 19, today, Chinese Express officially announced that Li Feng has officially joined the company as Co-President and concurrently chairman of Gaohe Automobile Sales and Service Company. He is fully responsible for the integrated sales and after-sales of Gaohe Automobile. , Charging and other businesses, and also responsible for user development and operation, as well as Gaohe Automobile brand public relations and product communication. Mr. Li Feng will report to Mr. Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of Chinese Express.

Chen Weixu, the co-founder of Chinese Express, will no longer serve as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and will continue to serve as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), supporting CEO Mr. Ding Lei to be fully responsible for the company's operation management and product planning, and assist in the management of the product center. He is also responsible for overseas business planning and facility construction, and works with the company's management team to fully support the company's brand building.

Mr. Li Feng said: “I am very honored to join Huaren Express, an innovative company with advantages in the automotive industry chain and digital marketing with user thinking. Under the struggle of the team led by Mr. Ding Lei, the company It has made remarkable achievements. More importantly, it has gained a lot of cognition and goodwill from the user group, which laid the direction and foundation for building a user-oriented enterprise. I very much agree with Mr. Ding Lei’s “sincere products and sincere service” The concept of “impressing users and making real friends with users” is not only in line with my practice for many years, but also the reason why I joined Chinese Express to start a joint venture.'

Mr. Ding Lei, Chairman of Huaren Express Gaohe Automobile, said: “The opening of Gaohe Automobile's full delivery to users on schedule marks a new starting point for us to create with users, and it is also an important milestone for the company to enter a new stage of development. At the moment, I am very happy to welcome Mr. Li Feng to start a business together. Mr. Li Feng not only has rich experience and resources in integrated marketing and brand operation, but also a pioneer in the practice of user operation and digital marketing in the industry. His joining will accelerate the company’s organizational growth The overall evolution of direct users, enhance the overall combat effectiveness, and create high-end, worry-free brand and travel experience for users.'

Mr. Li Feng graduated from Hefei University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in engineering, a master's degree in power engineering from Dalian University of Technology, and an EMBA EMBA from China Europe International Business School; he was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal, 30, 40 reforms and opening up Many awards including outstanding figures in the Chinese automobile industry.

Mr. Li Feng successively served as director, deputy general manager, general manager of sales company of Chery Automobile, director and executive deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, executive director and president of Beijing Automobile, sales director of Beijing Benz, Benz, Qoros Automobile CEO, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group (China), General Manager of Dongfeng Yueda Kia and other important positions.

He once created outstanding achievements in Chery Automobile's annual sales volume of China's independent brand, and the first millionth new car of China's independent brand rolled off the assembly line, leading Beijing Hyundai to cross the annual sales of one million and ten billion in the previous year. The level of profitability has become the fourth domestic auto OEM with annual production and sales of over one million vehicles after Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, and FAW-Volkswagen; he promoted the listing of Beijing Motors, with Daimler as the second largest shareholder, in Hong Kong and acquired Fujian Benz reorganized its business, and at the same time, it quickly achieved the 1 millionth off the assembly line in the history of Beijing Benz and Beijing Auto's own brands. During his tenure as the vice president of Hyundai Motor Group (China) and the general manager of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Mr. Li Feng led the innovation and transformation of digital marketing and carried out a series of industry-leading Internet marketing practices through Douyin, Weibo, WeChat and other platforms. Kia Kaiku topped Tmall’s single-product sales in the automotive industry, successfully implementing optimized model structure, building star models, and developing a brand-up strategy.

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