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Limited to 100 pairs, Lingdu and Puma launch joint trendy shoes

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

Recently, SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu teamed up with Puma to create the joint shoe SUEDE 0°, which is limited to 100 pairs. From now until January 15, 2021, you can participate in the draw from the official WeChat event portal of the SAIC Volkswagen brand, and you have a chance to become the lucky one in 100.

The new limited edition SUEDE 0° uses the same red and black as Lingdu to form a contrasting color match, bringing a cool impact. The red and black laces and the back of the shoe are printed with the words Lamondo, and the gold on the side of the shoe and the PUMA LOGO on the tongue highlight the individual characteristics of the car.

SUEDE 0° soles are printed with keywords representing various obsessions of the younger generation in life, such as 'richesLingdu teamed up with Puma this time to create a joint shoe model SUEDE 0°, with the intention of conveying the concept of 'paying for the enthusiasm, and naturally harvesting surprises

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