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Liu Yan helps out, Haval M6 PLUS is officially listed, starting from 71,900

by:Yisheng      2021-06-12

China Automotive News, January 7th, yesterday, China Automotive News was informed that the 'new premium family SUV'-Haval M6 PLUS was officially launched. The event was presented in the form of the Chinese New Year Festival, which was also the first scene for a Chinese car company Narrative online release.

The new car has 5 configurations for consumers to choose from, and the price range is RMB 7.19-9.29. And users can now enjoy the triple true fragrance gift when buying a car:

One heavy gift: Really fragrant financial gift-minimum 0 down payment (achieved through financial leasing), 5-year long-term loan, 24 instalments of zero interest;

Double Gifts: Real Fragrant Smart Gifts-basic services are free for life, and exclusive services are free for 1 year;

Triple Gift: Real Fragrant Replacement Gift-4,500 yuan replacement policy for the whole brand (except manual elite intelligent connection type);

As a blockbuster of the Haval SUV, the Haval M6 (parameters|pictures) PLUS the goddess of true fragrance Liu Yan and Haval SUV executives joined the 'True Fragrant Heaven Group' on the night of its launch. The shooting method of visiting the town, revealing the mystery of the 'new value family SUV' Haval M6 PLUS, has become a hot topic in the car circle.

According to statistics, this live broadcast reached 18.6 million fans and the highest number of online viewers exceeded 320,000+.

The Haval M6 family SUV has long become the “number one internet celebrity” in the market segment. With the empowerment of Haval brand superior genes, Haval M6 PLUS, which is positioned as the 'new value-added family SUV

In terms of appearance, the designer breaks the traditional design style, and uses the 'simple, refined, and sporty' design concept to make the vehicle more youthful and energetic, and bring a stronger 3D visual experience. The interior is wrapped with a large area of u200bu200bhigh-grade materials to create a super-fine touch of the same level. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4664mm/1830mm/1729mm and 2680mm super long wheelbase, which reflects the super large net worth space of the Haval M6 PLU. The beautiful model even practiced yoga in the car and showed off a horse. Facing the soul torture of the goddess asking 'Does Liu Yan look beautiful?

In terms of smart travel, Haval M6 PLUS has a GPS+Beidou dual-mode positioning system, which has faster response speed and more precise navigation; the remote cloud upgrade car system allows users to drive new cars anytime and anywhere; Haval M6 PLUS also Equipped with automatic constant temperature air-conditioning, one-button dual-mode anti-pinch electric sunroof, TPMS smart tire pressure monitoring system, BOS brake priority system and other leapfrog configurations, it can be described as 'beautiful and more material'. There are 6 true incense strengths: extremely wisdom incense, actual incense, super incense, and non-chang incense.

In an era of 'the smell of wine is also afraid of the deep alleysThe people reached a resonance. The launch conference of Haval M6 PLUS enhanced users' cognition and experience through experiential scene marketing, and established a bridge of communication with users.

Haval M6 PLUS, the goddess of true fragrance, Liu Yan, and the true fragrance of heaven group appeared together to deepen the interaction with users in multiple dimensions and at multiple levels. The town mayor, the town fire king, the first painter, Haval Meng... a series of characters and events create a strong sense of on-site immersion, reaching potential users with novel forms and gameplay.

In order to distinguish it from the traditional boring interpretation of the products on the market, the press conference also buried the true fragrance craftsmanship of Haval M6 PLUS into the dialogue between Zhenxiang Tiantuan and Liu Yan, and also adopted the live model 'Yizima' and the goddess. Cars and other methods release the charm of products such as large space and high intelligence. They are novel and not rigid, fun and grounded, and use imagination to break the old pattern of low interaction and low freshness of the conference, which is refreshing.

In addition, in order to fully mobilize the activeness of online users, Zhenxiangtian Group has also joined hands with the goddess to throw four live broadcast exclusive benefits, three waves of Zhenxiang blind box lottery benefits, one ultimate half price car award and other car purchase gift packages. The dimensions and multiple frequencies run through the live broadcast, making the one-hour listing conference high-performance throughout the entire process.

Haval M6 has become a hot and hot item in the market since its launch. It sold a total of 118,811 vehicles in 2019, and its cumulative sales in 2020 will exceed 150,000 in one fell swoop. It is firmly on the throne of 'sales and word of mouth' of 70,000-class SUVs. As a new premium family SUV, Haval M6 PLUS will continue to write six true fragrance strengths, taking the brand concept of 'super value home' to a higher level.

In the future, with a brand-new design, excellent quality and super high price-quality ratio, Haval M6 PLUS will bring users a superior car experience, and will continue to set off 'new value-added services in the SUV market' 'Family car' car buying storm.

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