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Looking at the future automotive safety trend from the airbag

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technical Channel] Nowadays, a vehicle equipped with six airbags is no longer a rare object. Businesses who use this as a publicity stunt and criticized by others abound. In this flood of 'safety' period, if you want to stand out among the many imitators, you must be able to win by surprise, especially those brands that make their fortunes with 'safetyThis issue will take you to take a look at those security technologies that represent future trends.

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● Volvo V40 Pedestrian Protection Airbag

   Pedestrian protection airbag is not a new thing. You can also see this airbag in early Volvo models. However, in such an impetuous society that regards pedestrians as weeds, Volvo’s configuration is indeed a lot more humane. What is even more exaggerated is that in addition to airbags, there are more conscientious configurations such as pedestrian monitoring probes and automatic braking systems to work together. Volvo has moved from the 3G era to the 4G era in an instant.

   Volvo’s pedestrian safety airbag will cover the lower part of the windshield and the A-pillar after talking. Among them, the windshield will cover 1/3 of the area, which can effectively protect the safety of pedestrians' heads.

   The time when the pedestrian safety protection airbag pops up is preset. It does not pop out as long as there is a pedestrian in the front, and it does not wait for a person to hit the sky. Popped up. Volvo pedestrian safety airbags will only work when the vehicle's speed is between 20 kilometers and 50 kilometers per hour and the front sensor detects that there is a pedestrian about 100 meters ahead.

  If the vehicle accidentally collides, the hood will be lifted up by 10cm. The hood is supported by elastic rubber. The whole mechanism can cushion the impact of pedestrian collision.

  According to the news from the Tokyo Motor Show, the pedestrian safety airbag of the V40 will not be used in the XC90 and later non-SUV models. The research and development of technology will be biased towards active defense.

   The picture below can fully see Volvo's efforts in the field of safety:

  ①Blind zone lane change assist reminder. This technology has been popularized in many middle and high-end cars now, but Volvo's research on this area belongs to an earlier batch.

  ②Automatically recognize the speed limit sign. This technology currently belongs to the state of no man's land and has similarities with face recognition technology. With this reminder function, mom no longer has to worry about the license plate being captured by more than 50 electronic eyes.

  ③Recognition of obstacles ahead/automatic braking. Obstacle recognition can be achieved in many vehicles, but automatic braking is limited. The automatic braking effect at the same distance of 100 yards and 50 yards should always be deviated!

● Honda Tyrant Gold Exclusive protective airbag

   In this age of local tyrants, holding iPhone 5s to show off in front of friends is no longer something local tyrants do. What a real local tyrant can do is to be able to stay in the library every time. After Ke changed the world, continue to show off the latest iPhone series (iphone 6~?) in front of friends. To do this, it is very important to preserve the value and quality of the iPhone.

   No, Honda finally couldn't bear the restlessness after seeing all kinds of fake protective cases on the market-in one fell swoop, it released Case N, a special airbag for mobile phones. Imagine that when the local gold is about to fall to the ground, 'poof

   It is said that Honda plans to install the large version of the Case N on the chassis and roof of his car in the next step. satisfaction.

   Comment: There is no surprise, Volvo continues to maintain its leading position in the field of automotive safety. Our definition of safety is not limited to the above-mentioned technologies. In the future, safety technologies will actively intervene in accordance with people's driving habits. How do you think the field of automotive safety will develop in the future? Hurry up and write your answer in the comment area!

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