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Low-torque and strong Kia Lambda 3.8L engine technology short review

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Channel] At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Kia Korea not only brought its flagship model K9, but also brought the powerful heart of K9-Lamdba II 3.8L natural suction cylinder direct injection V6 engine to display. Let Qingshan introduce to you how this V6 naturally aspirated engine can stand in the world of turbochargers.

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● LamdbaⅡ3.8L engine

   This auto show Kia showcased the power system of the K9 equipped on its flagship model. The K9 uses a Lamdba II 3.8-liter naturally aspirated direct injection V6 engine in the cylinder. This engine can explode a maximum of 246kW (334ps) and a maximum torque of 395.2N·m/5100rpm at 6400 rpm. In fact, in today's turbo era, the engine data is not so eye-catching, but the flagship body often pursues smoothness and calmness. Ordinary turbocharged engines are not easy to do. This engine exists for the all-wheel drive system and improved low-torque output. Improved low-torque output can make the vehicle's driving performance and actual road driving have a quick response.

   In order to pursue better ride comfort, LamdbaⅡ adopts many new and innovative technologies, three-stage intake manifold variable system, enlarged auxiliary water tank, and triangular fuel injection nozzles. , Two-stage variable oil pump, air gap insulated exhaust manifold and other technologies. Thereby improving the power output of the engine at low revolutions, making the power output more linear, smooth and calm.

   three-stage intake manifold variable system, through three valves let air flow through the intake manifold of different lengths, so that the engine can be at most speeds Sufficient air intake, so as to give play to every drop of fuel performance.

  The two-stage variable oil pump is controlled by a spiral tube valve to achieve the best oil supply pressure for the engine at high and low revolutions. Reduce pumping losses and improve fuel consumption. The internal oil passage of the oil pump is mainly closed by the spiral pipe to realize the low pressure and high pressure mode, so that the engine can achieve the best fuel injection pressure and better discharge performance.

   air gap insulated exhaust manifold adopts an air gap between the inner slide pipe and outer slide pipe of the exhaust manifold to improve thermal insulation, noise, Vibration and harshness (NVH). Make the engine noise even smaller. At the same time, due to the better heat insulation performance of the exhaust pipe, the arrangement of heat insulation tiles can be eliminated.

● Summary

   The strength of the Lamdba 3.8L naturally aspirated engine brought by Kia this time cannot be ignored, even the power level It surpasses Infiniti’s 3.5L engine and Acura’s 3.5L power performance. Kia’s ability to manufacture engines cannot be ignored. However, under many turbocharged engines, the power performance of the large-displacement self-priming engine has nothing to say, but its smoothness and quietness, low torque and abundant, turbocharged engines are far Not in time.

(picture/text/photo: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Lai Dacong)


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