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Nissan's real small steel gun, called a small GT-R

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

The Nissan GTR has always had a nickname-Godzilla. Of course, do you think that Nissan used to have only the God of War GTR and what kind of flying chickens we often talk about? It's really 'too young, too simple'... For example, this 'Tiida' (domestic cash TIIDA, overseas name PULSAR), because of the WRC rules of the year, many 'sacred things' fell into it. Become a little Godzilla.

Picture: In 1990, Nissan used the Pulsar N14 as the basis and incorporated SR20DET and ATTESA-ETS four-wheel drive technology into it. So it is called 'small GTR'.

Picture: The carbon fiber machine cover is the same as the original factory style. This is the safest way to play.

Picture: Original SR20DET engine, that is 230 horsepower output, and for faster response speed, the original factory configuration is a top-mounted intercooler. However, the current GTI-R has undergone a lot of changes in the cabin after its transformation.

Picture: Although the original power is already good, the pursuit of power is always endless. So this engine has been replaced with forged pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, and equipped with JUN 272 high-angle camshafts.

Picture: The turbine is a GT3540 turbine from HKS. In order to meet the huge gas volume, the intercooler has been moved to the front position .

Picture: For more precise and efficient ignition, the ignition coil from AEM ELectronics is replaced.

Picture: Finally, under the control of the HKS F-Con computer, this engine currently outputs about 500 horses.

Picture: The layout of the intercooling pipeline is very different from the original factory state, and the pressure relief valve is directly installed on the booster pipe .

Picture: GTi-R dashboard central logo Equipped with oil temperature, oil pressure, intake pressure gauges, which are rare equipment in other models of the N14 car series during the same period.

Picture: The original factory seat has been The adjustable Bride seat replaces it, which is lighter and more encapsulated.

Picture: The back row has been emptied. I believe this is a disaster for many collectors.

Picture: Front and rear Project μ brake calipers, filling this set of 15-inch TE37 wheels.

Picture: Carbon fiber small WRC rearview mirror, the favorite of old-school performance modification car fans.

In the eyes of many people, this type of rare car should be well maintained and very original. But after years of devastation, repairing it, and upgrading it according to your own wishes, is unique.

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