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Not afraid of parking difficulties, foldable Armadillo-T electric car

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  【Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Channel】In modern cities with heavy traffic, an electric car is a good choice for transportation. Speaking of the electric car, I believe everyone's first reaction is the exquisite TWIZY two-seater electric car from Renault. Nowadays, European, Japanese and other automobile manufacturers have also successively launched pure electric cars to relieve urban traffic pressure. Recently, foreign media reported that the Korea Institute of Science and Technology has developed a foldable electric car-Armadillo-T.

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   It is understood that the design of this electric car is inspired by an animal called Armadillo, which curls its body into a ball when threatened, relying on its sturdy shell. protect yourself. Armadillo-T imitates the unique protective features of this animal. After the car is parked, the rear part of the car can be folded forward and 'sleeved' on the front of the car.

  Armadillo-T has a body length of 2.79 meters, which is slightly longer than smart. However, after folding the rear body, the entire body can be reduced to 1.65 meters, which is only one third of the Korean standard 5-meter parking space. In other words, the same parking space can barely park three such electric vehicles. After the electric car is folded, it hides itself in the armor like Armadillo. Someone may ask, how did that person come out?

   The folding operation of the Armadillo-T electric car can be controlled outside the car through a smart phone. The folding process takes only 15 seconds to complete, and after folding, it can be rotated 360° through a smart phone, so there is no need to worry about the difficulty of parking in the city. Because the traditional rearview mirror is eliminated, it is more convenient to fold the body.

   The Armadillo-T electric vehicle has a four-wheel drive mode and relies on four wheel hub motors to drive. It uses a lithium electronic battery with a capacity of 13.6kWh, which is arranged on the front side of the car. Its top speed is 60km/h, and its maximum cruising range is 96 kilometers. The speed is not high, and the maximum cruising range is not long, but it is enough for travel in the city. It is understood that this electric car is designed for urban tourism or short-distance travel, such as in tourist attractions, large buildings, and so on.

[Armadillo-T electric car]

   It is understood that the current electric car is still a researcher's 'work' and it is expensive to build. In fact, the concept of the Armadillo-T electric vehicle has been supported by the South Korean government, the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the Korea Infrastructure Technology Development Agency since December last year. As for when we can enter our lives, let's wait and see.

   In fact, foldable electric vehicles are not exclusive to Korean researchers. As early as last year, several car companies from Spain and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Co-developed a foldable electric scooter called Hiriko, which folds in different ways.

[Hiriko Folding Electric Bike]

  Hiriko electric bike is also a two-seater design and is also driven by a hub motor. The lithium battery pack can be fully charged within 15 minutes. It has a maximum speed of 50 km/h and a cruising range of approximately 120 km. In addition, the wheel adopts the universal wheel design, the turning radius of the vehicle will be greatly reduced, which is very convenient for parking in a crowded city, and there is no need to worry about parking difficulties.

  Summary: Europe has always been at the forefront of the world in the construction of green urban transportation. With the increasing shortage of energy and the shrinking urban space, this small, light, green and environmentally friendly transportation is believed to become the world in the future A necessary choice for major cities. Perhaps, in the near future, you will never see heavy gasoline cars in cities.

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