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Performance comparable to BMW waterfowl Harley's first ADV model interpretation of 241,800 is worthless

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

In everyone’s inherent impression, Harley is a very traditional motorcycle brand, and even formed its own unique culture. In the eyes of everyone, Harley will only cater to Americans. Motorcycle brands will not easily change what they stick to. However, time has passed. In order to survive, Harley has to abandon the tradition, start to use water-cooled engines, begin to get involved in the field of electric motorcycles, and even introduce the ADV model.

The appearance of personality is very eye-catching

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, is a standard adventure motorcycle, it redefines the large ADV , It also makes the eyes of many people who are tired of the aesthetics of 'beak' bright. Conservatives may feel that ADV without 'beak' has lost their soul, but if you are a person who pursues differentiation, the design of Harley ADV can make You stand out among the motorcycle army.

Revolution Max engine is powerful

The brand new 1250cc water-cooled V-twin engine may make Harley’s diehard fans feel 'outrageous' , But obviously it is a very unwise choice to use traditional air-cooled engines on ADV models. This engine is called Revolution Max, with dual overhead camshafts, variable valve timing, maximum horsepower 150ps/9,000rpm, maximum torque 128Nm/6750rpm, equipped with a slip assist clutch, and uses a chain drive instead of a belt that Harley is good at.

The power data of Pan America 1250 is very close to that of BMW R1250GS, so the purpose of Harley’s release of this car is clear. Harley's research and development strength has also been well explained. The collision between the American V-cylinder and the German-style horizontally opposed double-cylinder kicked off.

Electronic configuration is dazzling.

In addition to being in line with the industry ceiling in terms of power, the performance of Pan America 1250 in terms of configuration is also surprising . Harley has high hopes on the Pan America 1250, so the electronic configuration is directly aligned with the highest standards, with the intention of defeating the opponent in terms of configuration.

The 6.8-inch TFT touch screen display is clear and delicate, and the angle of the instrument panel can also be adjusted. In addition, the car is equipped with a six-axis IMU system, which provides five riding modes including: road, sport, rain, off-road and off-road+. Each of these modes will bring changes to the settings of power output, engine braking, cornering ABS system and cornering enhanced traction control system, which can be switched instantly when road conditions change.

Pan America has a curve rider safety enhancement function, which is what Harley said is the curve enhancement electronic link braking, the curve enhancement Anti-lock braking system, curve enhancement traction control system, curve enhancement drag torque slip control system and slope keeping control. Cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, adaptive headlights, mobile phone interconnection and so on.

Semi-active electronic suspension

For the suspension, it is equipped with an electronically controlled 47mm Showa fork with a linkage at the rear. Single shock, front and rear suspension strokes are 190mm, with fully automatic preload adjuster and semi-active damping. In addition, the original factory is equipped with Öhlins steering damper, a reversible brake pedal with variable height.

Unique adaptive height adjustment

Pan America is also equipped with Harley’s unique, Adaptive Ride Height control system, which is Adapt to the vehicle height control function. This function is used in conjunction with the system's automatic preload adjuster to reduce the vehicle height by 25-50mm, which is convenient for riders who are not tall enough to get on and off the car.

Brembo calipers, Michelin tires

The brake specifications are still very high. The front 320mm double disc, the rear 280mm single disc, the front system The movement is a dual-radial-mounted four-piston caliper, and the rear brake is a floating single-piston caliper. Both are provided by Brembo. The cornering ABS function is provided through electronic link and control. In addition, the 'Off-road +' mode can also disable the rear wheel ABS. . The wheels use a combination of 19 inches and 17 inches, with Michelin Scorcher Adventure tires.

The minimum ground clearance of Pan America 1250 is 175mm, the fuel tank is 21.2L, the vehicle weight is 242kg, the body inclination angle is 42 degrees, and the seat height 865mm-895mm, front and rear shock travel 190mm, in general, it is relatively hard, running long-distance motorcycles, walking bad roads, and playing through basically no problem.

Harley-Davidson, Pan America 1250 will not go on sale until the second half of the year. At present, few people in China should know about this bike. What will it look like. The domestically released version of the car is the Special version, priced at 241,800 yuan, which is higher than the price of the BMW R 1250GS Adventure (239,900 yuan). But Harley’s ADV is even better in terms of configuration, and the appearance is very distinctive, and the performance is comparable to that of the 'Big Water Bird'. I personally think that this price is right for the Pan America 1250, which is a powerful weapon, but would you choose an alternative Harley ADV aside from the 'big water bird'?

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