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Purchase new land, Huawei Automotive Research Center may settle in Guangzhou

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

A few days ago, we learned from the official website of the Baiyun District Government of Guangzhou that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. successfully bid for the land of the Overseas Chinese Sugar Factory in Baiyun District for 339 million yuan. It is reported that Huawei may build a Guangzhou Ru0026D center here in the future for the research and development of smart cars, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

According to the original text on the official website of the Baiyun District Government of Guangzhou City: “On December 7th, the plot of Huaqiao Sugar Factory in Baiyun District was successfully sold at the Guangzhou Public Resources Exchange Center. The bidder was Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. The plot was planned. It is a new type of industrial land (M0). It is planned to build a research and development center with a total land area of u200bu200babout 178.94 mu, a planned total construction area of u200bu200babout 166,000 square meters, and a transfer of 339 million yuan. The successful transfer of the plot is to build the west bank of Guangzhou and build the west Press the accelerator key in the science and technology innovation corridor.

The plot of Huaqiao Sugar Factory was originally a state-owned old factory. The parcel is located in the renewal area on the west bank of Guangzhou (Luo Chongwei). It is located in the west of Baiyun District, on the east side of the Pearl River West Channel, near the Beihuan Expressway and Guangqing The high-speed connecting line and the inner ring road are about 300 meters away from the Songxi Station of Metro Line 13 (under construction), and the geographical position is superior. With the goal of promoting the realization of the new vitality of the old city, Baiyun District is positioned around the Western Science and Technology Innovation Corridor of the '1358' development idea in Baiyun District. It focuses on scientific and technological innovation, digital government, smart transportation, 5G and other fields, and focuses on the development of information technology applications. Innovation and new-generation information technology industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain are optimized and upgraded based on the specific conditions of the area. The first is to revitalize the stock of inefficient construction land, promote the conservation and intensive use of land, and increase the value of the land; the second is to drive the development of the area. , To promote the transformation and upgrading of local industries to digitalization, modernization, and internationalization, and stimulate the vitality of the area. The third is to promote the optimization and quality improvement of the area environment, supporting industrial service facilities and living service facilities, creating a digital technology core, further promoting the integration of industry and city, and building a livable Yiye Guangzhou West Coast.

Baiyun District will use the successful transfer of the land as an opportunity to actively and orderly advance the transformation of the Guangzhou West Bank (Luo Chongwei) area, accelerate the construction of the Western Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, build the Guangzhou West Bank, and accelerate the realization of an old age for Guangzhou. The new vitality of the city, the 'four new and brilliant' and the realization of the 'four at the forefront of the country' in the province, and the 'two important windows' to build the Baiyun brand and make Baiyun contributions. '

Previously, the Baiyun District People’s Government and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed an investment framework agreement to build a Huawei Ru0026D center in Guangzhou to jointly promote the development of Guangzhou’s smart city, cloud computing, and Internet of Things industries. In-depth strategic cooperation. This is the all-round and in-depth strategic cooperation reached by the two parties after the cooperation between Baiyun District and Huawei in 2017 to build the 'three centers and one platform'.

Editor's comment:

The rumors about Huawei’s “car building” can be described as divergent. Huawei officials have previously stated that Huawei Automotive BU also has a clear goal, focusing on the in-vehicle network, computing platform and basic software layer, and providing open capabilities and Tool chain to reduce the difficulty of application migration and development, and enable car companies to efficiently develop smart cars. Therefore, compared to physical 'cars

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