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Real shot, the world’s fastest four-seater supercar, without changing the series with Ferrari

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

Since its establishment in 1994, although Koenigsegg from Sweden is only a small car factory with an annual output of less than 80 vehicles, under the insistence of the founder and CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg, their Regera not only retains the current car industry '0 ~400km/h~0” record (only 41.96 seconds), also developed the Freevalve engine with no camshaft design, and used it in this world’s first 4-seater two-door Mega GT supercar: Gemera Above, break the existing definition of 'super-running' again.

At the time of publication, it was announced that it is expected to produce 300 vehicles, each starting at $1.7 million 'GemeraIn addition to the curved front windshield, it also has a short front overhang ratio and large side air intakes.

For the front, Gemera adopts the first concept car with Koenigsegg: The Koenigsegg CC, which was born in 1996, has the same design and is equipped with a translational revolving door that has become a brand’s original design; and because of the use of a carbon fiber single cabin, it can use the B-pillar design to make this two-door 4-seater Supercars can allow passengers with a height of 2 meters to enter easily without having to move the seat.

In the spacious 4-seater cockpit that is rare in supercars, in order to increase practicality and comfort, Gemera is equipped with four sets of cold/heat independent cup holders, front/rear seat infotainment System, front/rear seat mobile phone wireless charging station, in-car wireless network, top-of-the-line audio system with 11 sets of speakers; 4 single carbon fiber bucket seats with memory foam, and can also provide exclusive coverage according to the driver's body shape It is designed with a total volume of 200 liters, one front/rear luggage compartment space, and a ball-shaped face recognition system is installed above the center console, which can open the door, start, and pre-adjust the seat after recognition. It's like the 'lightning thunderbolt car' in the animation.

In terms of performance, Gemera is equipped with Koenigsegg and its subsidiaries The 2.0-liter 3-cylinder camshaftless sump twin-turbocharged 'Tiny Friendly Giant' TFG engine jointly developed by 'Freevalve'.

Freevalve is a technology company founded by Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder of Koenigsegg. It is famous for its breakthrough camshaft-less engine technology. The TFG engine is not only 70 kg, but also powerful horsepower and torque. The distance, as well as the thick and charming sound waves, can produce a maximum horsepower of 600 horsepower (bhp) and a maximum torque of 600N.m, with a total of three sets of electric motors (two groups located on the rear axle to drive the left/right wheels, one The engine crankshaft drives the front wheels), which can have a combined power of 1100 horses (bhp), and gives Gemera a comprehensive output of 1700 horses (bhp), and can accelerate from standstill to speed in just 1.9 seconds 100 kilometers, it also has a top speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

In addition, Gemera has a 3,000mm wheelbase, which can take into account space comfort and Stability of handling, the introduction of the rear-wheel steering system enables it to have a smaller virtual wheelbase and a strong carbon fiber single cabin. The torsional rigidity between the front and rear axles can reach 40,000Nm, and the configuration 6 Equipped with airbags, ABS, tracking control and stability control systems, and automatic driving assistance systems, it is a Mega GT that combines performance, control, safety and comfort.

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