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Reasons for cracking of motorcycle camshaft

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

The engine is the core part of the motorcycle, and the camshaft is a key component in the piston engine. It bears a lot of friction during work, and its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve. Therefore, the camshaft is designed to be strong at the beginning. And it has high requirements in terms of wear resistance. In actual production, the scrap rate of camshafts is relatively high, and the scrapped camshafts due to cracking account for about 70%. So we conducted a comprehensive analysis on this aspect.

Cause analysis and corrective measures

By analyzing the crack shape, the crack is basically Curved or linear transcrystalline cracks are obvious quenching cracks. According to the characteristics of induction heating, there are three factors leading to the formation of quenching cracks:

A. The improper design of the quenching inductor causes uneven quenching heating, local overheating, and cracks during the rapid cooling process of the spray liquid. ;

B, material defects;

C, improper selection of process parameters and coolant.

1. Improper design of the quenching sensor:
The original sensor is an integrated upper and lower Engine Camshaft For Mercedes Benz. Because the edge of the Engine Camshaft For Mercedes Benz is sharp, the skin effect of induction heating during heating causes the sharp corner temperature to reach 960~ 980º, resulting in high temperature at the edge of the Engine Camshaft For Mercedes Benz after heating, local overheated spots and overheated surfaces, crack sources formed during liquid spray quenching, causing cracks.

2. The content of flake pearlite in the material is too high:
The material of the camshaft is KTZ650-02-GB9440-88. For granular P and flake P, the content of flake pearlite is 30%. After negotiation with the supplier, by controlling the cooling rate after graphitization and annealing of white iron, different contents of flake P can be obtained.

3. Unreasonable matching of process parameters and improper quenching agent concentration

Original parameters: anode voltage 10500 volts, heating time 7.8 seconds, water cooling time 6.5 seconds, quenching solution concentration 3 % Through the adjustment of the process parameters of the camshaft quenching, the control of the pearlite content and shape in the raw materials, and the rectification of the heating inductors, the problem of the camshaft quenching cracking has been well solved, and the final camshaft scrap rate has changed from the previous The 4.9% of the product has dropped to 2%, and the scrap rate has been reduced by 2.9%.

Unreasonable sensor design, material defects, and reasonable matching of process parameters are all causes of quenching and cracking of the camshaft surface. Effective Measures to reduce the number of cracks, the camshaft is well controlled.

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