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Renault LCV's new lineup unveiled, or achieve zero emission plan

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Automotive News, March 29, it is reported that Renault is expanding and updating its LCV lineup to meet the needs of all professionals. Following the launch of the new Master model in 2019, Renault has successively launched the new Kangoo Van, the new Express Van, the new Trafic Combi and the new SpaceClass.

(New Trafic Combi and New SpaceClass)

Mark Sutcliffe, Senior Vice President of Renault LCV Business Unit, said: “As an expert in the LCV field for more than 120 years, Renault has been an innovation leader. Now, we have launched The new Kangoo Van, the new Express Van and the new Trafic have expanded and updated the product lineup. The new Kangoo Van adopts the world's first technology in the LCV field. As a leader in the European electric LCV field, we also have new electric and hydrogen energy products and solutions. Respond to future needs.'

(Mark Satcliffe, Senior Vice President of Renault LCV Business Unit)

In the small van vehicle segment, Renault has launched two complementary models, the new Kangoo Van and the new Express Van:

The new Kangoo Van is an innovative van with a more dynamic exterior design. Through practical innovative technologies such as 'easy side loading
The new Express Van is a practical and efficient van with a dynamic and robust modern design. The internal dimensions of this model are unparalleled, with the largest storage capacity and lateral access space in its class.

(New Kangoo Van and New Express Van)

In the medium-sized van vehicle segment, Renault has launched the Trafic passenger version, which has an elegant design and higher safety. It will be officially released at the end of 2021.

In order to enrich the LCV lineup, Renault is providing customized solutions and services through Renault Pro+ to meet the new uses of professionals. Renault Pro+ can provide these professionals with a one-stop digital interconnection solution, which is supported by 626 Renault Pro+ business networks around the world and implemented through 400 converters.

To support the zero-emission transformation, Renault has equipped a full range of products and services. In order to replace the Kangoo ZE, the best-selling model in the European electric commercial vehicle market, Renault expects to launch the new Kangoo Van E-TECH electric version at the end of 2021. The car will be equipped with a new 44kWh battery and have a cruising range of 265km. At the same time, Elexent, a subsidiary of Renault, will provide charging solutions for the fleet.

Since 2011, Renault has been a leader in the field of electric vehicles. Since 2014, Renault has become a leader in the field of hydrogen fuel vehicles. Renault will officially launch Master Hydrogen before the end of 2021. Through cooperation with Prager Energy, Renault plans to occupy 30% of the European hydrogen energy light commercial vehicle market by 2030, while providing complete charging solutions for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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