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Renault's new logo is coming and will appear on new models next year

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Automotive News, March 16th, the appearance of the new Renault brand logo has attracted widespread attention. When the Renault Innovation Strategic Plan (Renaulution) was released in January this year, the new logo was proudly displayed behind Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo and the front grille of the Renault 5 prototype. on. Since then, Renault's new logo has been gradually deployed.

Renault has started the research work on the new version of the car logo in 2019. The new car logo announced recently demonstrates Renault's 'new wave' era, conveying a novel, dynamic and modern message.

Reynolds Design Director Gilles Vidal (Gilles Vidal) said: “Diamonds are one of the most well-known shapes in the world. They are simple geometric shapes, but they have powerful recognition. Keeping up with the trend of the times, Adhering to the modern style, the redesigned diamond logo perfectly reflects the'new wave' era that Renault has entered. The announcement of the innovative strategic plan is a grand field test. The new logo is combined with the Renault 5 prototype for the first time, and it has been warmly welcomed by the public. '

For Giles Vidal, diamonds basically represent Renault, and keeping this diamond shape is the best choice. He explained: “We reconsider making it more iconic, more concise and more meaningful, so that it becomes a truly eternal symbol, which reflects the beauty of modern lines without adding extra effects or colors. The lines are telling a story about symbiosis and circulation. The two diamonds are intertwined, complementary and dynamic.'

This new logo is simple and clear, full of vitality and dynamic. The flat processing method is conducive to its animation, for example, on video or digital media, it can also be used for the welcome sequence of the vehicle. This new logo will be gradually applied to Renault vehicles and will appear in new models to be launched next year. By 2024, all Renault models will carry this new logo.

History of Renault logo evolution

In 1900, Renault launched its first brand identity, which consisted of the initials of the Renault brothers’ surnames and two interlaced letters 'R' were printed on an 'Art Nouveau' badge. In 1906, Renault replaced the previous shape with the front profile that won the first French Grand Prix, with a gear-shaped outer ring.

In 1923, Renault decided for the first time to use a brand logo on the front of the body to enhance the brand recognition of the vehicle. The new logo uses a circular grid with the word 'RENAULT' in the center. This round car logo was quickly given sharp edges and corners. Since 1924, the diamond car logo has been used at the same time as the round car logo. In 1925, the diamond car logo was finally adopted.

In order to further demonstrate the power of diamonds, Renault decided to widen the logo and adopt clearer lines in 1972. The diamond shape is more prominent, 'RENAULT' no longer appears. The logo has been in use for 20 years. It is worth mentioning that Renault 5 is the first model to use the 'New Diamond Mark'.

In 1992, Renault redesigned the legendary 'Diamond Mark' and gave it a 3D shape with chrome plating. 2015 was the last change before 2021. Renault Design Studio collaborated with Interbrand to develop new logos and fonts.

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