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Reported by environmental organizations, Tesla's German factory was halted

by:Yisheng      2021-06-04

According to German media reports, the local environmental protection organization NABU and Grüne Liga sued Tesla in the Frankfurt Administrative Court, claiming that it was logging a lot of wood for reclaiming land for the super factory and destroying the ecological environment. After receiving the complaint, the court quickly took action and stopped the construction of Tesla's German Gigafactory.

It is reported that the site of Tesla's German Gigafactory is located in a nature reserve. The local environmental protection department has previously issued a logging permit for Tesla, allowing it to cut down 82.8 hectares of forest in the location. However, local residents and environmentalists still believe that Tesla's related actions will damage the ecological environment, especially the drinking water of local residents.

In order to achieve their respective goals, environmental protection organizations and Tesla are submitting corresponding materials to the local environmental protection department, and it takes time for the environmental protection department and the court to review these materials. During this time, Tesla only Can stop logging and wait for the final verdict. According to the spokesperson of the Frankfurt Administrative Court: “Logging takes only a few days of work in the construction of the super factory, so even if logging is suspended, it will not affect the construction of the factory.”

However, whether the above statement is objective or not is a matter of opinion. The construction of Tesla's super factory in Germany has always been 'difficult and troublesomeSome time ago, the company hired Rene Reif, the former director of Mercedes-Benz's Berlin engine plant, to take a job at the German super factory, and this directly angered IG Metall, the largest trade union in Germany. The organization believes that the original electrification process will cause a large number of unemployment in traditional engine factories, and at this time Tesla's digging behavior will undoubtedly further weaken the competitiveness of traditional car companies.

Editor's comment:

In the Chinese market, according to data released by the Federation of Passengers, Tesla’s sales in November have reached 21,604 vehicles, an increase of 78% compared to October, and 9461 more vehicles were sold. However, in Europe, Tesla failed to maintain such a good situation. In October, Volkswagen ID.3 beat Model 3 (parameter|inquiry) to become the European new energy vehicle sales champion. At this time, Tesla's Gigafactory frequently Problems occurred and the construction period was delayed again and again. I wonder if Musk can come up with a suitable solution in the face of this situation?

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