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Team up with Easelink National Innovation Center to push matrix charging

by:Yisheng      2021-06-07

Recently, the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center (NEVC) and the Austrian technology company Easelink formally signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding. The two parties will cooperate in the Chinese market to promote fully automatic conductive charging technology, also known as Matrix Charging® technology.

The complete system of fully automatic conductive charging technology consists of two core components: the vehicle unit (Matrix Charging® Connect Tentacle) installed on the underside of the vehicle body and the charging board (Matrix Charging® board) installed in the parking space. When the vehicle is parked above the charging board in the parking space, the vehicle will automatically establish a physical connection and start automatic charging. The system can not only free hands to avoid more cumbersomeness, but also avoid potential risks caused by frequent contact between different groups of people.

Compared with car wireless charging with similar charging components, fully automatic conductive charging is based on physical connection and can support higher charging power and efficiency. In addition, with the blessing of multiple safety systems, it can meet the high standards of electrical safety standards. At the same time, the self-cleaning function of the system can automatically clean up when water or debris is detected on the surface of the charging board.

Easelink GmbH, which is cooperating with the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center this time, is a technology company headquartered in Graz, Austria. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has obtained a number of important patents and has played an important role in many charging technology standardization groups. In the past five years of development, Easelink has conducted a large number of laboratory tests and actual scene tests for fully automatic conductive charging technology, covering safety performance tests and 30,000 connection tests. In 2020, a real-scene demonstration project based on the installation of the charging board outdoor parking lot on the flat ground jointly carried out with the Austrian car-sharing brand Tim.

Editor's comment:

With the vigorous development of pure electric vehicles, the construction of various supporting infrastructures is also indispensable. The further improvement and promotion of fully automatic conductive charging technology can alleviate the demand of parking lot charging facilities for ground space to a certain extent, and the automatic connection technology can also improve the convenience of users during charging. The effect of actual application can be said to be expected.

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