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Tencent and Audi collaborate with WeChat on-board version

by:Yisheng      2021-06-07

According to Tencent official news yesterday, Audi and Tencent signed a memorandum of cooperation in Beijing to strengthen the strategic cooperation between the two companies and create a smart and interconnected digital ecosystem, including smart connected services, digital marketing and user operations And other fields.

Under the framework of this memorandum of cooperation, Tencent will inject rich social, content, service and other ecological resources and digital technologies into the Audi digital cockpit through OTA upgrades, and provide WeChat car version, QQ music, Tencent small scene (car-mounted applet platform), Tencent map and other services.

Audi and Tencent signing ceremony, photo source: Tencent

Among them, the 'WeChat Car Edition' supports full voice interaction, which enables car owners to send messages, broadcast messages, WeChat voice calls, location messages and other functions through voice control under the premise of normal driving. , To achieve convenient and smooth in-vehicle communication.

Besides safety, there is another biggest feature-convenience. Focusing on travel scenarios, Tencent has created an in-vehicle light application ecosystem-'Tencent Small Scenarios' specifically for travel scenarios. Based on cloud update, no download and installation is required, voice interaction is supported, and it is more in line with driving habits. It can provide various popular services including information, entertainment, travel, and life services

It is understood that the latest generation of 'Audi Interconnect' system is an open comprehensive ecosystem equipped in Audi MMI. Some Audi models equipped with this system will be able to activate the use of Tencent's services .

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