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Tesla apologizes: 'sweeping the pot' State Grid is a misunderstanding

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

Tesla, who was previously searched by State Grid, issued an apology.

On February 1, Tesla’s official account on the social platform, Tesla Customer Support, issued a post explaining the abnormal follow-up situation that occurred after recent Nanchang car owners charging, and reported to Nanchang Power Grid I apologize.

Image source: Tesla's official Weibo

The cause of this incident was that a Tesla owner in Nanchang said not long ago that his Model 3 had been purchased for only 6 days, and after the second charge, it was suddenly powered off and unable to start. Subsequently, Tesla after-sales personnel gave a preliminary diagnosis: the voltage of the national grid suddenly increased, and the instantaneous current overload was the key to the problem. As soon as the diagnosis result came out, the topic of Tesla's “dumping the pot” of the State Grid attracted the attention of the whole people, and the State Grid, as one of the parties involved, also responded quickly and said that we did not recite the pot. On January 31, the State Grid Nanchang Power Supply Company issued a statement stating that the power line is not directly connected to the electric vehicle, and the voltage of the power line remains stable, and it is recommended that Tesla ask professionals to carefully look for the problem of vehicle charging failure.

The official reply and apology by the State Grid are all episodes. Going back to the source of this incident, what is the reason for the problem with the above-mentioned Nanchang Tesla owner's vehicle? At present, Tesla’s response is that the problem encountered by the user has been properly resolved, and the cause of the failure is still being tested and investigated.

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