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Tesla asks NHTSA to announce that the vehicle speed display problem is OK

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

According to foreign media reports, a document on January 15 showed that Tesla submitted a petition to the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), stating that the 612,000 vehicles produced since 2012 were not Full compliance with federal safety standards is that the vehicle display may be converted from miles per hour to metric units of measurement, and NHTSA is required to declare that this violation has nothing to do with safety.

(Image source: Tesla)

Tesla stated that it had corrected this problem during production in September last year, and that more than 75% of the affected US vehicles have accepted the firmware upgrade released in September last year.

Tesla stated that if the car is set to display only kilometers, all speed limit-related functions (such as traffic awareness, cruise control and speed assist) will be 'converted from mph to km/ h, the vehicle speed will also automatically match the appropriate speed limit'.

The company added that car users can restore the display to the number of miles, and 'can easily find related options in the display menu. This feature is not hidden in the secondary menu.'

Tesla said that it has not received any accident reports related to this issue, and pointed out that NHTSA has approved two similar petitions related to speed display violations, one by Volkswagen in July 2020. The application was once for BMW in 2015.

On January 13, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) formally requested Tesla to recall 158,000 Model S and Model X vehicles due to failure of the vehicle media control unit (MCU), which may As a result, the touch screen cannot work and brings safety hazards.

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