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Tesla breaks 700 charging stations in China, with more than 5,700 charging piles

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

China Automotive News, January 11, January 2021, it is reported that Tesla’s Beijing Badaling Ski Resort’s super charging station was officially completed and opened, with a total of 8 piles. In addition, Tesla's first airport super charging station in Asia Pacific is also launched in Beijing, located at Beijing Daxing International Airport, and is also equipped with 8 piles. These two brand-new stations located in Beijing, one south and one north, mean that Tesla super charging stations are appearing in users' travel scenes extremely quickly.

With the opening of the new station, Tesla’s opening of super charging stations in mainland China officially exceeded 700 stations, and more than 5,700 super charging piles were built. The charging network has covered 300 cities in mainland China, reaching a new year’s Another milestone.

Tesla Beijing Badaling Ski Resort Super Charging Station A total of 8 piles

The continuous improvement of efficiency is Tesla’s commitment to users’ freedom of travel. From 300 to 500 seats, Tesla took 11 months; from 500 to 600 seats, it only took less than a month; from 600 to 700 seats, it took only 20 days. In December alone, Tesla opened 146 super charging stations in 74 cities.

Looking back at the past 2020, Tesla China has built and opened more than 410 super charging stations, of which more than 180 are V3 super charging stations.

Tesla has previously stated that it hopes that when users buy a Tesla, they will not only get a very forward-looking smart product, but also enjoy a complete set of charging service network and matching The ecosystem brings an unparalleled car experience. Up to now, Tesla has been infinitely close to this goal.

After years of exploration and development, Tesla has built a dense charging network that spans east-west and north-south in China. With the support of Tesla's charging network, users can already travel across China's magnificent rivers and mountains. The Tesla charging network extends to Changbai Mountain in Jilin in the east, Sanya in Hainan in the south, Urumqi in Xinjiang in the west, and Daqing in Heilongjiang in the north. In addition, Tesla opened the 'Sichuan-Tibet Line' charging line in September 2020, and in December 2020 the domestic section of Tesla's 'Silk Road' charging line was fully connected, further expanding the infinite possibilities of users' pure electric travel.

Tesla’s 'Sichuan-Tibet Line' charging line is about 2011 kilometers away

As the earliest construction of charging pile projects in China, the largest number of self-owned charging piles, and the widest coverage of new energy smart car companies in the city, Tesla's efficient and practical charging facilities construction ideas have a positive impact on the development and progress of the entire industry Important reference significance. In addition, during this process, Tesla 'started from scratch

Tesla Super Charging Pile

In addition, Tesla plans to invest 42 million yuan in Shanghai to build a super charging pile factory integrating Ru0026D and production. The project is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2021. The initial plan is to produce 10,000 super charging stations per year. Charging pile (mainly V3 super charging pile).

Previously, Tesla's super charging piles were imported from the United States. Therefore, the production of charging piles in China will speed up the construction of Tesla's charging piles in China and meet the surge in charging needs of users. This move will accelerate the popularization of V3 super charging piles, the world's top charging equipment, in China, allowing Tesla users across the country to enjoy the ultimate experience of 'charging for 15 minutes and enduring 250 kilometers'.

In 2021, Tesla will invest more energy in China to bring the disruptive 'extreme car ownership experience' to every user and attract more consumption through more diversified products and services Together, 'accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.'

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