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Tesla Model S spontaneously ignites in the U.S. Owners have not received any response

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

Another spontaneous combustion accident occurred in Tesla. According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, a 2015 Tesla Model S had a suspected spontaneous combustion incident in the United States. The owner has tried to contact Tesla officials, but has not received any response so far. On December 13, the owner’s wife tweeted to ask Tesla for an explanation.

Subia Ahmad tweeted that on November 24, her husband, Usmaan Ahmad, heard the vehicle emit There was a loud noise, so I stopped to check what happened to the vehicle. However, after getting off the vehicle, the vehicle started to catch fire, and her husband could only watch the vehicle burned down.

After the vehicle caught fire, the fire department arrived quickly and put out the fire before the car burned down completely. His wife Subia kept many photos of the accident vehicle. The photos showed that most of the passenger side of the vehicle had been burned. 'What if I or my child was sitting in the front passenger seat? We may have been in an accident.' Subia has lingering fears about the accident.

As of now, the cause of the Model S fire has not been determined, but Subia said on Twitter that she and her husband both believed that the 'battery exploded'. In addition, Subia and her husband have contacted Tesla officials, but have not received any response so far.

For the reason why such an accident occurred in this Model S, foreign media speculated that Tesla had been sued for allegedly covering up the design defect of the battery pack, and the defect may cause the battery to explode. And Tesla’s internal emails show that Tesla has been aware of battery pack design flaws since 2012, but has never stopped selling Model S.

In April 2019, a 2015 Model S in Shanghai also caught fire and exploded, and the Lexus and Audi models next to it were burned to the hot search (for details, see 'Car Owner Responses to Tesla Spontaneous Combustion' The story was not charged when the story was posted'). Afterwards, Tesla issued a statement saying that it was initially judged that this was an individual accident, and the cause of the accident was a failure of a single battery module located in the front of the vehicle.

Editor's comment:

Although Tesla has cleared its own responsibility in multiple accidents, after the Shanghai Model S accident, Tesla announced software updates for Model S and Model X in order to limit battery voltage to avoid The heat is out of control. Due to the reduction in vehicle mileage after the software update, American car owners headed by David Rasmussen initiated a class action lawsuit against Tesla, because Tesla did not tell them the reason for doing so, and was suspected of damages in many aspects. At the same time, the car owners believe that if The update is due to a defect in the battery pack, which is a 'fraud' in another situation.

Back to the United States, the Model S spontaneous combustion accident itself, because the cause is unknown, although we have many doubts, we can only wait for the investigation results and Tesla's reply with the owner. However, if there is really a problem with battery pack design defects, I hope that the official can face the problem squarely and take reasonable measures to deal with risky vehicles

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