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Tesla pays 100 million euros in deposit, waiting for approval from Berlin factory

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

According to foreign media reports, on January 15, Tesla paid a cash deposit of 100 million euros (about 120 million US dollars) to the Environmental Office of the State of Brandenburg, Germany.

(Image source: Teslaati)

Frauke Zelt, a spokesperson for the state’s Ministry of Environment, said: “A German company submitted a letter of guarantee and provided a cash deposit of 100 million euros as a necessary guarantee.” The deposit was between Tesla and Tesla. Part of the agreement reached by the Environmental Office. Initially, the deadline for Tesla to pay the deposit was December 17, 2020.

However, the company did not pay the deposit before this date, so the construction of the Berlin Gigafactory was temporarily suspended. At first, the State Environment Agency did not want to extend the deadline to January 4. Later, after Tesla submitted a letter of guarantee and provided a deposit for all initial building permits, the state of Brandenburg extended the deadline to January 15. If the state environmental office finally fails to approve the construction of the Tesla plant, the deposit may be used to dismantle the construction of the Berlin plant that has been completed before.

So far, Tesla has been using a series of temporary permits and early approvals to advance the construction of the Model Y plant in Berlin's super factory. It is expected that the state environmental office will make a final permit decision between the end of this month and the beginning of February.

After the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is put into operation, Model Y models will be produced in Europe. Elon Musk once said that the building currently under construction is as high as 5 stories. This super factory in Germany will produce 500,000 cars per year in the first few years of operation. But the company's long-term goal is to produce more vehicles in this factory in the future.

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