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Tesla's German factory wants to expand, first pay 100 million demolition deposit

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

The German 'Auto Week' reported on January 17 that Tesla submitted a super factory expansion plan to the relevant authorities in Brandenburg, Germany, and agreed to pay a deposit of 100 million euros to the local government.

Frauke Zelt, a spokesperson for the Brandenburg Ministry of Environmental Protection, confirmed that Tesla and the Brandenburg Ministry of Environmental Protection have reached an agreement that Tesla accepts the local government's request for a deposit for the super factory.

It is reported that Tesla needs a German company to provide a guarantee and pay a deposit of 100 million euros in order to obtain a construction permit from the local government. The construction work will not be suspended in the short term. At present, because Tesla has not yet obtained the permission to construct the super factory, once the construction permit it applied for fails to pass the approval, Tesla promises to unconditionally demolish the related buildings that were originally allowed, and this deposit is used as the related demolition of the factory. cost. In addition, the Brandenburg Ministry of Environmental Protection declined to disclose more information.

However, there is news that Tesla has already paid this deposit. Tesla CEO Musk admitted in an interview with 'Business Insider': 'Unfortunately, we have exceeded the budget.'

Musk once said that the German Gigafactory will become the world's largest battery factory, but the local government has not yet received an application from Tesla to build a battery factory. Before Christmas, Tesla submitted an application to build a warehouse. The warehouse is expected to be the size of a football field, which may be the location of a battery factory in the future.

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