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Tesla's response: At present, none of the domestic models has the in-car camera turned on

by:Yisheng      2021-06-05

Before, we reported the news that 'Musk admitted to monitoring users in FSD test

Recently, there has been a discussion on the Internet about 'Tesla monitors the car owner through the camera in the car'. In order to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings, the following is specifically stated:

The vehicles used by Tesla users do not infringe on the privacy of users through the in-vehicle camera.

All Tesla user vehicles on the Chinese market have not turned on the in-car camera, nor are they involved in the FSD Beta test.

Tesla’s privacy protection policy complies with national laws and regulations. Like you, Tesla attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy. We are equipped with a network security system with the world's leading security level to ensure user privacy protection. Thank you again for your attention to Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a camera on the rearview mirror. It was originally designed to cooperate with Musk’s RoboTaxi plan. It can be simply understood as the domestic Didi protection policy, that is, if the Model 3 is used for automatic Driving a taxi service, this camera can assist the owner and passengers to collect evidence to ensure the safety of both parties.

Similar cameras are also installed in the interiors of the new Model S and Model X that are not yet on the market.

Last year, some media reported the images taken by the camera after it was turned on. It seems to be able to capture images of all passengers in the car. Unlike some domestic manufacturers’ cameras, which are only used for driver fatigue monitoring, it caused panic. It is also excusable.

Recently, some netizens said that because the entire car is equipped with a large number of cameras and radars, the family house of the military secret zone has banned Tesla from parking. We hope that Tesla can face up to the user’s privacy and practice cameras as soon as possible. Give a more detailed explanation.

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