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The engine is also modular, GM announces 11 small-displacement engines

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

  [Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Channel] Recently, General Motors announced the details of a total of 11 engines in its latest Eco Tec family. The 11 engines cover the displacement range from 1.0L to 1.6L, of which 1.0L The engine was unveiled at the Opel Adam model at this year's Geneva Motor Show. According to the official introduction, these 11 engines will gradually replace the current three engine families of GM in this displacement range, and are planned to be put into use in a total of 27 models in 64 countries around the world in 2017. By then, GM's global engine output will reach 2.5 million units.

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   There are four three-cylinder and six four-cylinder versions of the 11 engines, and one of them is customized for hybrid models. It is estimated to be used for extended range and not directly driven Wheel movement. In addition, regardless of the three-cylinder or the four-cylinder, the 74mm cylinder bore and the 81mm cylinder bore center point design will be adopted. As for the crankshaft, the turbocharged engine crankshaft will be produced by forging, while the naturally aspirated engine crankshaft will be produced by casting. All 11 engines will meet the US SULEV and Euro VI emission standards. The peak power appears at the engine speed of 5600-6000rpm, and the peak torque appears at the engine speed of 1500-5000rpm.

   The standardized and modularized engine design can effectively reduce the difficulty of Ru0026D and production. Of course, standards related to personalization and differentiation also exist, such as direct injection and intake manifold injection, turbocharging and natural intake. For example, the European and Venezuelan versions of the engine will use in-cylinder injection of compressed natural gas technology, while for South Korea, which has not yet popularized compressed natural gas, the engine will use 1.0L out-of-cylinder injection, and the cost is also lower.

List of General EcoTec Engine Family List Version Engine Stroke (mm) Four-cylinder 1.4L Outer-cylinder Injection 81.31.4T In-cylinder Direct Injection 81.3

1.4T In-cylinder Direct Injection Compressed Natural Gas

81.31.4T Cylinder In-cylinder direct injection E100 bio-fuel 81.31.5L In-cylinder direct injection 86.61.5T In-cylinder direct injection 86.6 Three-cylinder 1.0L Out-cylinder injection 77.41.0T In-cylinder direct injection 77.41.0L In-cylinder direct injection LPG dual fuel 77.41.1L Out of cylinder Injection 86.6 Note: All engine cylinder bore diameter is 74mm, cylinder bore distance is 81mm

   According to different displacement and intake mode, the power coverage of these 11 engines is also very wide, like output power can cover 75- 165 horsepower range, while the output torque covers the 95-250 Nm range. Fuels supported include span ethanol, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and hybrid power.

  According to official sources, after the Geneva Motor Show Opel Adam released the 1.0L family member with the smallest displacement of the 11 engines, the next engine will be the next-generation Cruze in the Chinese market. Put on the body. At that time, there will be two versions of 1.4L turbocharged and 1.5L natural intake for consumers to choose. Among them, the 1.4L turbocharged version is expected to have a maximum output of 148 horsepower and a maximum torque of 242 Nm, compared to the current model. The 1.4L turbocharged boosted power performance by 5% and 15%, respectively.

   In addition to improvements in power, the engineers of General Motors have also worked hard to reduce engine noise. For example, in order to reduce the fuel injection sound emitted by the engine's direct injection common rail, engineers installed a pipe sleeve on the outer layer of the common rail, which can effectively filter the sound of the nozzle. In addition, the oil pump in the oil pan of the three-cylinder version also integrates a balance shaft that rotates counter to the crankshaft at a constant speed. According to the official introduction, the improved GM 1.0L engine's noise filtering effect is 25% better (3 decibels) than the 1.0L turbocharged engine mounted on the Ford Fiesta, and 50% better than the Volkswagen/Audi 1.4L turbocharged engine EA211 % (6 dB).

   In order to reduce weight, the engine body is almost all made of aluminum alloy, and the intake manifold is also made of composite materials, and the 1.4L turbocharged on the current Cruze The supercharged engine is 22 kg lighter than the Volkswagen 1.4L engine EA211, and the total weight is close to 98 kg.

   A total of 1600 engines participated in the endurance test, with a total mileage of 3.22 million kilometers. Among them, 270 engines kept the throttle fully open to maintain the highest torque and highest power for 4 weeks without stopping for 24 hours, which greatly exceeded the range required by the endurance test.

  Summary: By then, GM's five engine manufacturing plants around the world will simultaneously produce these 11 engines, of which China's Shenyang Engine Manufacturing Plant is one of them. In Europe, GM has been keen to produce three-cylinder small-displacement engines during the past 16 years, and policy support is an important reason. With the development of the environmental protection movement, small-displacement engines have gradually become popular all over the world. For example, in my country, Ford took the lead in introducing 1.0L turbocharged engines, and GM's move is undoubtedly in line with the trend of development.

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