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The first overseas! Hyundai Motor will build a hydrogen fuel cell plant in China

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

According to foreign media reports, on January 5, sources revealed that Hyundai Motor will build the first overseas hydrogen fuel cell plant in China, aiming to enter the Chinese hydrogen energy market.

NEXO, Hyundai's first fuel cell electric vehicle (picture source: Hyundai)

Sources said that Hyundai will build a hydrogen fuel cell plant in Guangzhou, China in 2021, and has recently obtained government approval for this investment plan.

The person said: “Hyundai is negotiating with a Chinese company to establish a joint venture company for the construction of the plant. Hyundai is expected to announce the plant construction news as early as this month.” As of press time, Hyundai has not confirmed this investment. plan.

The South Korean government official stated that hydrogen technology is regarded as one of South Korea’s core technologies. South Korea’s trade, industry and energy departments reviewed the impact of the export of hydrogen fuel cell systems and approved this investment plan. Because the department believes that building a hydrogen fuel cell system plant will pave the way for Korean auto parts suppliers to increase exports to China.

Recently, Hyundai launched a special brand for fuel cell systems, named HTWO, which symbolizes the hydrogen molecule H2, and plans to sell 700,000 hydrogen fuel cell stacks worldwide in 2030.

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