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The ideal 'X01 final assembly line' is exposed and will be officially delivered in March next year

by:Yisheng      2021-06-08

The 'landing' of the final assembly line may also mean that we are not far from the official debut of the ideal second extended-range SUV.

Recently, according to an announcement issued by Tianqi, the company has confirmed that it has won the bid for the 'X01 Assembly Main Line' X project of Chongqing Ideal Automobile Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch. The winning bid is 160 million yuan and the delivery date is 2022. March 30th.

As early as last year's prospectus on the eve of the IPO in the United States, Ideal Motor stated to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it plans to launch a large SUV in 2022 and continue to use extended-range powertrains. In addition, during the Q3 quarterly earnings conference call, Li Xiang, founder and CEO of Ideal Motors, also said that after 2022, a new car will be launched every year, including a full-size extended-range large SUV.

In addition, an ideal product planning table was exposed on the Internet earlier. From the figure, we can see that M01 is the ideal ONE that has been on the market. The new car, code-named X01, has a length of 5180mm and a wheelbase of 3100mm. It is positioned as a large 6-seater SUV. The competing product is the Mercedes-Benz GLS. The price of the car may be 399,800 yuan.

At the same time, there are three models of X02, S01 and S0A in the picture. Among them, X02 and S01 are positioned as medium and large six-seat SUVs, priced at 349,800 and 299,800 respectively, which are benchmarked against Mercedes-Benz GLE and Tesla Model X; while S02 is positioned as a medium-sized five-seater SUV, priced at 249,800 yuan. Mark Model Y. However, it has not yet been determined that the new car code-named 'X01' is the model that will be produced on the final assembly line this time.

Fortunately, in the whole year of 2020 that just passed, despite the impact of the epidemic and the impact of the broken axle, this new car still won a high honor with only the ideal ONE model. According to the latest China Automotive Data Terminal retail data released on January 11, 2021, in December 2020, the ideal ONE terminal sales volume was 6,621.

So far, the cumulative total terminal sales of Ideal ONE in 2020 will be 33,457 units. The annual sales surpassed Weilai ES6, Weimar EX5, BYD Tang DM, etc., becoming the No. 1 sales in the domestic new energy SUV market. And its strong performance in the terminal also stimulated the ideal stock price.

As of the close of trading on January 12, Eastern Time, the share price closed at 36.75 US dollars, an increase of 12.08%, and the total market value reached 32.987 billion US dollars. On January 13, the China Automotive Health Index led by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the International Association for Transportation and Medical Sciences released the latest batch of ratings. Ideal ONE is rated for volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the car and the odor intensity in the car. (VOI) and Vehicle Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) received double five-star ratings.

It can be said that it has further deepened its 'daddy car' positioning. In addition, the absence of mileage anxiety, large in-car space, sufficient intelligent configuration, and lower terminal price all enable Ideal ONE to gain a certain advantage in the competition with pure electric vehicles of the same level.

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