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The importance of the timing belt must be replaced at that time, otherwise it will cause big trouble.

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

We all know that the oil will be changed after the car’s mileage is reached, but few people know that there is a component on the car, which is essential for the car’s engine, and also after the end of its service life. It also needs to be replaced in time, but it is such an important component, but many people ignore its maintenance. This component is the timing belt (some cars use a timing chain, and the timing chain generally does not need to be replaced unless it is In case of abnormal noises, freezes, etc., check and replace them in time)

So how important is the timing belt? Today we will analyze it. The timing belt mainly connects two components, the crankshaft of the engine and the head axle. Let's talk about the camshaft of the engine first! The camshaft is mainly responsible for the intake and exhaust of the engine, as well as the camshaft sensor on the cylinder head, which is used to detect the position of the camshaft, so as to transmit the signal to the trip computer for the ignition of the spark plug and the timing of the fuel injection nozzle. It is determined that if the timing belt is broken, the valve mechanism of the entire engine will be paralyzed, and the crankshaft is connected to the piston and the connecting rod. Under normal circumstances, when the piston rises to perform work, the two valve chambers are in a closed state, but due to the positive When the belt breaks, the camshaft stops working. At this time, if the piston is moving upwards, but the valve is in the open state, the piston will bend the valve at this time. Then the engine will be overhauled at this time. The cost of overhauling the engine is several times more expensive than changing the timing belt, and it is difficult to restore the engine to its previous normal level due to the overhaul and disassembly of the engine.

So everyone should maintain or replace the timing belt on time, do not have a fluke, and avoid irreversible damage to the engine due to small losses.

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