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The king of the ninja series! Kawasaki releases new four-cylinder liter supercar ZX-10R

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

Kawasaki's new Daniel, which was rumored before, has finally officially announced the new ZX-10R, which is close to the design of H2 from the perspective of the new headlights.

The new headlights have also been changed to a retractable type, and they also have two front heads that look like fangs. The position of the front of the car is also marked with the Kawasaki Heavy Industries logo, which is consistent with the H2 series.

According to the official, the aerodynamic kit can provide a 17% increase in downforce than the previous generation; the new front shape provides a better spoiler effect, and the ram air intake is smaller than the previous generation, but it can Provide the same effect.

A similar spoiler design is also added to the rear of the car

In terms of power, the interior of the engine has been optimized with new camshafts, valves and pistons. Configuration, and the biggest difference of this new set of components compared with the previous generation is weight reduction and reduced wear and tear. However, the specific power and horsepower of the new model has not been officially announced.

The new model has also undergone new changes in the driving posture, with the handlebar moved forward 10mm, the pedals are increased by 5mm, and the windshield is increased by 40mm. In this way, the new driving posture is more combative, and a better wind resistance effect can be obtained in the full prone state.

On the electronic control system as a liter supercar, it must be fully equipped, four A choice of driving modes (sports, road, rain, and custom) The new version is upgraded with the same 4.3-inch TFT instrument as H2 SX. The instrument also supports Bluetooth and mobile phone interconnection, and provides track and road prompt modes. And for the first time in a liter supercar, it is equipped with cruise control.

The frame part has also been modified, and the front shock absorber Compared with the previous model, it has been moved forward by 2mm, and the rear swing arm has been lengthened by 10mm. As a result, the wheelbase of the vehicle has also been increased by 10mm by moving the center forward.

In terms of price, the lowest standard version of the new ZX-10R in the United States is priced at US$16,399 (about 107,000 RMB), and the most expensive version is priced at US$17,699 (about 11.65 million RMB), the current domestic cash ZX-10R SE version is priced at 289,000 yuan. I don’t know what the price will be when the new model enters the country?

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