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The omnipotent Porsche Safari Dust 911

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

I believe that many car fans have a common ultimate dream in their hearts, that is, the Porsche 911. From the bottom of my heart, I always have a Porsche 911 dream. The Porsche 911, which is well-known to car lovers, is active in various races and supercar clubs. It is the ultimate toy for car lovers. But what you don't know is that as a Porsche 911, you can also ride on the dust and become the real king of safari. Today we will appreciate such a dusty but extraordinary Porsche 911.

This is a Porsche 911 SC (safari spec) from 1978. She has a timeless classic appearance. After the owner made a series of modifications and upgrades to her, this Porsche 911 SC achieved The world truly belongs to her.

The roll cage of the whole car must be installed in place at the first time, followed by the structural strengthening rods of the whole car, chassis strengthening kits, etc. It can be seen that this car has been transformed from the beginning At the time, all the attributes she should have have been decided.

Porsche original 3.0 air-cooled naturally aspirated engine, upgraded 964 camshaft, customized full exhaust system, after re-enhancing, achieved 180 horsepower, 265 Nm torque, using the original 5-speed manual gearbox, installing a quick-displacement system, and upgrading the customized version of wavetrac Differential.

For the suspension, the KW Clubsport twisted tooth suspension has been upgraded. And in order to better adapt to the pull output, 15-inch Outlaw003 wheels were selected, with Pirelli 205/65R15 off-road tires.

In order to better defeat the bumpy road in the wild, a pair of Recaro racing chairs for competition are naturally the best choice.

Let’s take a look at the unique posture of this unique Porsche 911 SC.

This car From buying a car to refitting, to the loss and consumption in the later period, the owner has already spent the price of a 992 on her, but the owner has no regrets at all. This is the attitude that should be taken when playing a car. What you like is the best.

That’s all for today’s sharing, thank you for your support.

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