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The total order of zero running in January is 5588 units C11 is listed and is sought after

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

China Automotive News, February 4th, announced that the total order volume for January 2021 exceeded the 5,000 unit mark, reaching 5588 units. Starting from January 1st, LSCC C11 officially opened pre-sales with a deposit of 20,000 yuan, with 3388 pre-sale orders in the first month. The zero running T03 continued to sell well, with 2154 orders in January, and 2036 remaining orders as of January 31. Due to the industry's insufficient battery production capacity, the zero running T03 completed the delivery of 1,476 units in January. Zero Running S01 orders 46 units in January.

As a zero-run car launched a global strategic model, the zero-run C11 is positioned as a mid-level luxury SUV, and the market guide price after subsidies: 159,800 to 199,800 yuan. With far superior product strength and an innovative pre-sale policy, the pre-sale order of Zero Running C11 reached 3,388 units in January. Even if the delivery period is as long as 9 months, users still choose to order C11 with a deposit of 20,000 yuan in advance. At the same time, the highest single-day booking order of C11 reached 762 units, and the average daily order in January exceeded 100 units.

After the start of the pre-sale of Leaper C11, Leaper Auto will provide stepped car purchase discounts: Users who booked from January to September 2021 can enjoy the subscription in January, and 20,000 will be deducted from the purchase price of 40,000. ; Ordered in February, 20,000 deducted 38,000 car purchases, and so on, the monthly deductible amount of 2,000 yuan of car purchase rights.

The zero-run T03, which has a perfect ending with an annual sales volume of 10,266 units in 2020, will continue to sell well in January 2021. The zero running T03 ordered 2,154 units in January. Due to the industry's insufficient battery capacity, the zero running T03 had a remaining order of 2036 units as of January 31, and the delivery of 1,476 units was completed in January.

It is worth mentioning that in January, Zero Run signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hefei government, and completed a series B financing of 4.3 billion yuan, raising 1.3 billion yuan in excess. Strategic investors such as SDIC Venture Capital, Zhejiang University Jiuzhi, and Yonghua Capital contributed to the acceleration of zero running. The B round of financing will support ZeroRun's investment in product development, channel layout, and brand promotion.

While the development enters the fast lane, the Zero Run also insists on being user-centered, sending 15,000 sets of epidemic prevention gift packages to users, and using practical actions to bring warmth to car owners. From February 6 to February 28, all owners of zero sports cars, including users who have placed an order but have not mentioned the car, can go to the nearest zero running store to receive a free epidemic prevention package.

In January, the running car achieved a good start in 2021 with a steady momentum. Under the background that the country vigorously cultivates and develops the new energy industry and guides and promotes the optimization and upgrading of the industry, Leapfrog continues to take technological innovation as the origin and user needs as the guidance, build a user-centric Leapfrog brand system to provide users with A high-level brand consumer experience will have a more positive impact on sales.

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