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The ultimate racing modification 400-hp Honda Brio

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

When it comes to the Honda Brio, everyone may find it relatively unfamiliar. In fact, the Brio is a small four-door hatchback specially designed for Asia, especially India and Thailand. Not only the appearance is bold, but the model positioning is also very clear. Although the original four-cylinder self-priming engine equipped with a 1.2L displacement does not have much horsepower, it is a popular model for modification in Thailand. Because only a 1.5L upgrade package is needed, there is a very good improvement. Or like the one below, just throw a turbo into it and get 400 horsepower. Think about the sourness of the power that drives this car!

Honda Brio


Honda Mobilio front bumper

tail wing

< /p>

▼Walking, chassis

Tein shock absorber Tein spring

Weld wheel

Tire (front) Toyo Proxy R1R

Tire (rear) Hoosier


Transplant L15A engine camshaft MT gearbox

BC valve spring BC cylinder head nut BC connecting rod

ARP connecting rod nut CP piston ring< /p>

Garret GT3082 turbo tube

pressure relief valve

RB26 intercooler

K20 throttle

B8 spark plug

Bosch Pump

11 Shop Fuel Tank HYB Oil Pressure Regulator BRD Fuel Rail 1200cc Injector


Exhaust Pipe< /p>

▼Interior, body

Kirkey seat

Takata seat belt

Defi Advance ZD table

Defi Advance BF watch

GReddy Profec B scroll control

roller frame

steering wheel

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