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The 'Wormhole Crossing' of Bitcar Space was officially launched, empowering the brand to be rejuvenated

by:Yisheng      2021-06-10

China Automotive News, March 11, March 10th, Autocar Space in Beijing’s 798 Art District was officially launched. The first theme exhibition of '2021-2121 Wormhole Crossing' was held, opening a fantasy interstellar crossing. journey of. What will the world be like in 100 years? What changes will happen to our lives?

Are you ready to cross the infinite starry sky, cross the long river of technological development and into the future world?

A step is a thousand miles, an immersive journey through time and space

When the audience becomes a 'space-time agent' through identification, land on the future aircraft, the powerful crossing device sends the space-time agent into the space-time wormhole, accompanied by the brilliance of time travel, through the wonderful scenery along the way Feel the infinite charm of technological progress.

In the entire time and space travel, detectives can experience a new exploration of the universe in the lunar landing zone, and see the GAC MOCA concept car and Xiaopenghui Tianlu in the electric vehicle zone and digital zone. Cutting-edge models such as the Voyager T1, as well as 'black technology' products such as the headrest screen Libr of Rouyu Technology, the flexible screen fashion T-shirt, the OR Table of Ruixiu Technology, the Motorola blade 5G folding screen mobile phone of Motorola, and the laser TV of Hisense. Witness the new application of future technology in liberation actions and thinking, use future thinking to interpret the infinite possibilities, and open up more beautiful imaginations for the future.

Not only are some of them watched but also playful, even the food and surroundings are full of futuristic technology. For example, you can experience drinking coffee in your future life in advance. A simple voice or gesture can achieve personalized customization.

The light and shadow atmosphere of 'Wormhole Traversing' is also a highlight in the exhibition. Realistic virtual time and space, shocking audio-visual effects, and psychedelic color and light layout make every audience on the scene have super time and space. empathy.

All-round car 'Space Station

Yucha Space is the country’s first car “net celebrity” check-in site and a cultural exchange base in the pan-auto field, built by Yiche. It is located in the core area of u200bu200bBeijing’s 798 Art District, a pilgrimage site for art. It is itself a 'net celebrity baseYoung people's aesthetic attitude towards life resonates strongly.

'Wormhole Crossing' is the first original theme exhibition sponsored by BitCar Space. Through an immersive exhibition experience, the cutting-edge exhibits and trend elements are cross-bordered and successfully harvested a wave of attention and topics .

On the media open day on March 10th, KOLs from the media, automotive circles, and marketing circles became the first time and space agents, and they were the first to pass through the infinite universe and across the technological civilization. Science fiction shines into reality' addiction. And more new ways to play in the future world, waiting for you to unlock it yourself!

Tuoquan debuts, advanced brand rejuvenation 2.0

Under the trend of younger consumption, scene-oriented experience, and diversified communication, in recent years, the establishment of offline experience stores has become a trend for brands to convey the concept of youthfulness to users and conduct more efficient communication. As the overall traffic dividend gradually fades, deepening user communication and emotional retention can sometimes be more miraculous. Compared with 'pop-up storesThe interactive space with car fans and users brings more fresh and dynamic landing actions to the industry.

Actually, this is not the first time that Yiche has tried to expand the circle offline. Last year, Bitauto officially put into operation its film and television incubation base under the official announcement. The film and television incubation base is composed of three parts: studio, office area, and outdoor venue. Produce high-quality content empowerment. The opening of BitCar Space will expand the scope of the expansion circle to pan-auto users. It will not only give full play to the function of the social currency of 'net celebrities.

In order to get closer to young users, Bitauto is also making changes and attempts to rejuvenate the brand. It not only customized the reality show 'Novice Driving' with Hunan Satellite TV, but also increased pan-entertainment marketing this year. Zhejiang Satellite TV has in-depth cooperation and will be unveiled throughout the whole season of 'Ace to Ace 6'. It will also create a festival for the auto industry on August 18 and create a 'super night' car.

From IP peripheral co-branding, online marketing interaction, to offline experience space, with the help of young gameplay, Yiche takes the sense of technology and trend as the keynote, and continues to give the brand new value and kinetic energy .

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