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Toyota C-HR Collision Receives Five-Star E-NCAP Collision Results Released

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] A new batch of E-NCAP crash test results has been released. The new batch of test models includes three new cars: Audi new Q5, Toyota small SUV C-HR and A new generation of Land Rover Discovery. Let's take a look at the collision performance of these three models that we will be able to buy soon.

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   From the results, all three cars have received the E-NCAP five-star evaluation, indicating that the safety of the three cars is excellent, but the price comparison is excellent. There is still a certain difference in score evaluation.

● The new generation of Audi Q5

In the new generation of Audi Q5 tested by   E-NCAP, the scores for occupant protection, child protection and pedestrian protection are relatively good . In contrast, the safety assist system scores worse than the other two cars.

  Whether the new Audi Q5 is in a frontal 100% or frontal 40% collision, its A-pillar is not deformed, the cockpit space is guaranteed, and the airbag curtain pops up to protect the occupants during a collision , The occupant's body did not suffer too much damage.

  Audi’s PreSense City safety assist system can provide sufficient safety assistance and can actively brake in a certain speed range to avoid injury. It is worth noting that it is between 30km/h-250km Q5 can provide safety warnings in the speed range of /h, but the reason why the new Q5 has a weaker score in this part is that the lane assist system is optional and there is no configuration on the test model, so the score is a little lower than the other two cars.

● The new generation of Land Rover Discovery

   The new generation of Land Rover Discovery is inferior to the above Audi Q5 in terms of occupant protection, but it is still within the acceptable range Inside. The new generation of Land Rover Discovery has done a good job in child protection, pedestrian protection, and safety assistance.

   The new generation of Land Rover Discovery can guarantee the cockpit space in 100% frontal crash tests and 40% frontal crash tests. The occupant’s body can basically be guaranteed, but at 100% In a frontal collision, the front passenger's chest may be more susceptible to injury. In addition, E-NCAP also pointed out that the new Land Rover's driver's airbag does not have enough pressure to prevent the head from tilting and hitting the steering wheel.

   The new generation of Land Rover achieved poor results in the rear seat whiplash test. The actual situation is that the rear passenger may cause cervical spine when being rear-end collision. Injured. But the whiplash test of the front seat obtained normal results.

  The advantage of the new Land Rover's safety assist system compared to the other two cars is that it can be activated as long as the speed is greater than 5km/h, and its work performance is also good.

● Toyota C-HR

  The crash test model of Toyota’s C-HR is a hybrid version. This requires attention. The C-HR test results showed that child protection is a little weaker than the new generation Land Rover, and the rest of the test items are the highest scores among the three cars.

   It can be seen that the engine compartment of Toyota C-HR collapses more in a frontal collision, but the space in the cockpit is still guaranteed, and the protection of the driver and passengers is also in place , But in terms of frontal collision, Audi Q5 protects the occupants better than C-HR, and has a lower chance of being injured.

   It is also worth mentioning that the C-HR side collision has achieved the highest score, because all parts of the body are protected when the collision occurs.

   The safety assist system of C-HR also performs better. When approaching a slower car, collisions can be avoided at all test speeds, and C-HR The active safety configuration is relatively high, which is also a scoring point.

● Summary

   Among the three cars tested this time, whether it is a new generation of Audi Q5, Land Rover Discovery, or Toyota’s C-HR, they all received five stars For the excellent level, although the sub-projects have their own advantages and disadvantages, the overall difference is not particularly large. We have to feel that the development history of automobiles has been so fast, and our driving safety has been continuously improved. (Photo/Text: Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Du Qingwei)


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