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Volvo Cars will invest US$83 million to produce electric motors in Sweden

by:Yisheng      2021-06-09

According to foreign media reports, Volvo Cars said on December 9 that it plans to start production of electric motors at the Skovde powertrain plant in Sweden. In order to increase the production capacity of electric motors in the plant, Volvo will invest 700 million kronor (approximately US$83 million) in the plant.

(Image source: Volvo)

A Volvo Car spokesperson said the company will start full-scale production of electric motors around 2025. The so-called full-scale production means that Volvo will simultaneously produce the rotating parts of the electric motor and the housing of the electric transmission system. The production activities related to internal combustion engines at the Skovde plant will be transferred to a subsidiary of Volvo called 'Powertrain Engineering Sweden' (Powertrain Engineering Sweden).

A Volvo spokesperson revealed that the plant will supply electric motors to Volvo's vehicle assembly plants in Sweden and Belgium. He also added that the plant may also provide electric motors to the company's plants in the United States and China.

Motors, batteries and power electronics are the basic components of electric vehicles. Volvo said that independent research and development and production of electric motors will enable Volvo engineers to further optimize the components of the new model and the entire electric drive system.

Earlier this year, Volvo stated that it would make large-scale investments in the design and research and development of electric motors for next-generation models. Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said last week that in his vision, Volvo will become a pure electric brand in the next 10 years. Volvo hopes that by 2025, pure electric vehicle sales will account for half of its global sales, and the remaining half will come from hybrid vehicles.

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