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Xiaopeng P5 Shanghai Auto Show officially opens reservations, expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter

by:Yisheng      2021-06-11

China Automotive News Network, April 19, today, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng Motors brought its third product, the world's first mass-produced smart car equipped with lidar, the Xiaopeng P5, which was unveiled and held A press conference with the theme of 'Natural Intelligence Exploring More'. Xiaopeng Motors Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng shared with all the guests present how to make smart cars better change our travel life, and announced that Xiaopeng P5 officially opened reservations.

Xiaopeng Motors Booth at Shanghai Auto Show 2021

Xiaopeng Motors Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng

At the press conference, He Xiaopeng said: 'We are always exploring the possibility of smart travel in the future. Whether it is Xiaopeng P5 or Traveler X1, they are all products that we have considered in stages. We hope The future of travel life will become smarter and more convenient.'

At this Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng Motors’ smart genes have evolved again, bringing 3 smart cars and 1 smart manned aircraft to the scene, namely the ultra-long endurance smart coupe Xiaopeng P7 and ultra-long endurance. The smart SUV Xiaopeng G3, the 23-hour smart third space Xiaopeng P5, and the fourth-generation intelligent electric manned aircraft-Luhanger X1.

23-hour smart third space Xiaopeng P5

The most important of these is the Xiaopeng P5, which is positioned in the 23-hour smart third space. As the world's first mass-produced smart car equipped with lidar, the Xiaopeng P5 is outside the use scene of existing vehicles. Breaking through the original functional definition of the vehicle space, it will create a three-dimensional third space in addition to the living space and work space, bringing a new smart car experience.

Xiaopeng Customized Car Gauge Lidar

On the Xiaopeng P5, the XPILOT automatic driving assistance system has officially entered the XPILOT 3.5 era. 13 high-definition cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 2 car-level lidars, a total of 32 sensors and a set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS+IMU), realizing vision of the environment + 360° of the radar Dual fusion perception. The ability to detect pedestrians, static obstacles, and small objects is comprehensively improved, covering more complex scenes such as dark night, low light, backlight, and tunnel light and dark alternate.

In addition to the high-speed NGP, Xiaopeng P5 has added the urban NGP function, and the application range of the XPILOT automatic driving assistance system is extended from highways to urban roads. It can assist the driver to perform driving tasks according to the navigation route, and has the ability to pass traffic light intersections; it has the ability to overtake in urban road conditions, customized car following capabilities, and round-the-island traffic. It can dynamically adjust the speed limit according to the ground/road conditions.

The third-generation smart cockpit

The solution of space limitations requires the construction of smart scenes. At the beginning of the design, Xiaopeng P5 integrated software and hardware development to expand the car's interior space into a variety of third space experience modes to meet the needs of full-scene smart space in a static state.

The front seats can be laid down completely flat

As the latest exploration of the third-generation smart cockpit, the Xpeng P5 is equipped with a full-flat design for the front seats to create an extremely large space. It can provide friends, family members, and car owners with a new smart third space in addition to living space (first space) and working space (second space). At the Shanghai Auto Show conference, Xiaopeng Motors showed more information on the 23-hour smart third space.

Cinema Mode

In terms of detailed functions, the addition of sleep mode and cinema mode creates a variety of possibilities for the physical space of the smart cockpit; the 18L large-space smart car-controlled car refrigerator and 220V external discharge function will bring Xiaopeng P5 owners Come to the whole domain to be wonderful. In the future, this brand new smart car will be the user's parent-child entertainment room, free karaoke room, and late-night watching club, bringing more possibilities to users.

He Xiaopeng announced at the press conference that Xiaopeng P5 will open for reservations and is expected to start delivery in the fourth quarter of 2021. On Xiaopeng Motor’s APP, official website, and WeChat applet, users can pre-order Xiaopeng P5 for 99 yuan. Car owners who have successfully booked will be able to enjoy exclusive rights: priority right to mention the car (delivered according to the contract signing time) and a worry-free package of more than 20,000 yuan worth of lifetime electricity, including free lifetime overcharge, exclusive household charging piles, Portable charging box and reverse charger. Please refer to the activity description on Xiaopeng's official website for the reservation policy and specific rules of rights and interests.

Traveler X1

Continue to explore multi-dimensional intelligent travel, so that technology can benefit more people. After 8 years of research on intelligent electric manned aircraft, 4 technical iterations, and a total of more than 15,000 test flights, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng Huitian brought the latest development of intelligent electric manned aircraft-brigade Voyager X1. Traveler X1 is currently mainly used in scenarios such as air travel, emergency rescue, and air sightseeing. With intelligence as the origin, Xiaopeng Motors will continue to explore new travel possibilities, and finally realize 'ground vehicle scene ecology + high-dimensional three-dimensional transportation'.

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