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Zero Run delivered 2,770 units in April, with a cumulative annual order of 13,633 units

by:Yisheng      2021-06-03

Automotive Information Network, May 6th, Leapfrog announced data for April: 2770 new cars were delivered in April, an increase of 866% year-on-year and a month-on-month increase of 278%; as of the end of April, a total of 14,608 new cars were delivered. Orders for April were 3,614 units, an increase of 12% from the previous month. The cumulative annual orders were 13,633 units, maintaining a steady and rising trend, and the recognition of users is getting higher and higher, demonstrating outstanding market competitiveness.

Under the continued upward trend of the new energy vehicle market, ZeroRun Technology is actively deploying a new ecosystem. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Leap Intelligent Movement Eco-Society launched a new brand strategy 'LIMES' (Leap Intelligent Movement Eco-Society), the 'Intelligent Movement Eco-SocietyEcosphere. The two parties are interdependent and empower each other, and use technology to provide users with better services and experiences. At the same time, user feedback can help further upgrade the technology, extend the space of life, work, and entertainment, realize the interconnection of smart applications in multiple scenarios, and make future There is no distance in travel life.

In the LIMES ecosystem, 'cloud' is a zero-running travel big data cloud platform and car networking service, which can customize exclusive service models for users, access external resources and provide back-end support. Users can get a more pleasant travel experience and services directly through the 'end' level of smart cars, zero running apps, offline stores and charging piles. 'Core' provides the most core technical support, including Leap Pilot zero-run automatic driving system, Leap AI zero-run self-developed smart chip, Leap Power zero-run new energy power system, Leap Sensing zero-run intelligent perception system, etc.

The entire series of products of Leaper are impressed by users with their leapfrog quality. Currently Leaper Technology has launched three models of Leaper S01, Leaper T03 and Leaper C11, which will be displayed at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. , Leaprun Technology officially announced the information about the Leaprun C01 model, which attracted wide attention from consumers.

The body length of C01 is over 5 meters, and the NEDC cruising range is over 700km. The design language continues the concept of natural aesthetics of C11 technology. It adopts waist-circular design elements and the drag coefficient is as low as 0.23Cd. A masterpiece.

Ling Pao T03’s 2021 new car has two new colors, quicksand powder and coral orange, and launches a luxurious color-blocking appearance; at the same time, the Leo Pao T03 × Teddy Collection Co-branded version was also unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, strengthening The younger and feminine tone of T03 increases the choices of different consumers, enhances the product label awareness of the 'Moe Smart Car

After years of research and development process, Zero Run now has the absolute advantages of intelligent network connection, intelligent driving and power system. The self-developed Lingxin 01 chip has undergone 3 years of development. The CPU processor adopts the 'Xuantie C860' of Ali's Pingtou Semiconductor Company. The main suppliers are domestic companies, which breaks the risk of external 'stuck neck' and is the first in China. This smart car chip with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance to the independent layout of car companies.

The 'Pangu' oil-cooled electric drive independently developed by Zero Run is the industry's first variable-architecture electric drive force assembly, which can be integrated to meet the needs of vehicle layout for flat and tilted powertrains. The total success rate of the first power drive is 200kW, the weight is 85kg, the NEDC efficiency is 88.5%, the noise is 78 decibels, the life span is 1 million kilometers, the platform is compatible with 100-300KW, and the comprehensive performance is at the leading level in the industry.

In 2021, Leaper Technology will follow the general trend of the new energy industry, with the original intention of 'technological car buildingMake efforts to build a new power brand trusted by users.

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