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ZF started to develop a suspension system capable of generating electricity—GenShock

by:Yisheng      2021-06-01

   [Technical Channel of Quanzhou Yisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.] At present, the rapid development of automobile technology and technology level, in order to have comfort, but also take into account the control and safety performance, so the active suspension system that can continuously adjust the damping characteristics comes into being Raw. Because its design is too complicated and the technical cost is high, the active suspension system is mostly mounted on luxury cars or performance cars. A few days ago, German ZF (ZF) announced that it would work with Levant Power Corp. of the United States to develop the world’s first Regenerative Suspension based on an active suspension system. ZF calls this system GenShock, a highlight of this system. It is about comfort and safety while generating electricity.

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●Brief description of the principle of active suspension system

   The active kinetic energy recovery suspension system that ZF is developing is based on ZF’s Cu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200b Control) The continuous active suspension system has been improved and developed, so let’s first understand the working principle of the CDC system. The ECU electronic control unit in the CDC system collects and processes the driving information returned by each sensor, determines the suspension damping characteristics most suitable for the car driving, and sends instructions to the electronic control valve to adjust the hydraulic pressure of the shock absorber cylinder through the continuous opening and closing of the valve The oil flow rate is used to change the characteristics of the combination, so that the vehicle can achieve the purpose of stable body and good comfort in different driving environments.

   However, since the active suspension system has electronic control units, sensors and electronic control valves, its composition structure is more complicated and the cost is relatively high. The system also has a high power consumption, and the energy of the vehicle's up and down movement is also converted into heat and lost and wasted. In the pursuit of low energy and high efficiency now, let ZF pay attention to the above problems, and then develop a new kinetic energy recovery suspension system, which uses a simpler design to reduce power consumption, but also converts wasted heat energy into electrical energy storage and utilization to improve energy efficiency .

●GenShock suspension system can generate electricity

  GenShock system is mainly composed of electronic control unit, generator and hydraulic motor. The difference from CDC is that it is composed of hydraulic The motor replaces the original electronic control valve, which not only achieves the same purpose of adjusting the hydraulic oil flow in the shock absorber cylinder, but also saves the electricity consumption of the electronic control valve for continuous opening and closing, and maintains the original active suspension to continuously adjust each wheel independently. Advantages of damping characteristics. When the vehicle vibrates up and down, the expansion and contraction of the piston in the shock-absorbing cylinder prompts the hydraulic oil to drive the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor drives the generator to generate electricity. Then the electric energy is stored in the battery to convert kinetic energy into electric energy and reduce the piston in the shock-absorbing cylinder. The purpose of heat dissipation due to expansion and contraction. The greater the movement of the piston in the shock absorber cylinder, the greater the amount of electricity generated, and the greater the amount of electricity generated when the vehicle is driving on a rough and uneven road.

  ZF said that this system will allow vehicles to take into account comfort and safety in the future, and at the same time, it can further improve the efficiency of vehicle energy applications. At the same time, a simpler design can also reduce technical costs. , To make the application of this system more extensive. As for when this advanced suspension system will start mass production, the specific benefits of vehicle energy saving, or which car manufacturer will take the lead in adopting it, there is still no clear answer.

  Summary: Energy recovery and utilization are not even spared from shock absorbers. It seems that designers have made great efforts to contemplate energy conservation issues. The design concept that the differential speed of the inner and outer wheels can be recovered through turning is really insignificant here, but the idea of u200bu200bthe shock absorber being retracted back and forth to recover energy, the energy-saving and emission-reduction issues of automobiles are really dare to dare to dare to do.

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